A band consisting of Christopher Hall (formerly of Stabbing Westward) Johnny Haro (Formerly of Econoline Crush)Brent Ashley (Formerly of Leisure) and Jinxx (Formerly of Amen) that rocks the southern california area, mainly the Sunset Strip. Their track "beautiful" was featured on the Elektra sountrack. Currently awaiting their release of their first cd.
Guy: Hey are you going to the dreaming show?

by 30SecondsToShannon June 27, 2006
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When a fan of the Lego Bionicle toy franchise (usually those who are old enough to remember when the first-generation (G1) Bionicle sets were sold new in shops between 2001 and 2010) excitedly thinks they have found themselves in a Lego store selling Bionicles, only to wake up and discover they were actually sleep and they had merely experienced ‘The Dream’ again, resulting in a crushing feeling of disappointment and longing for the past.
I had The Dream again last night and I’ve been thinking about Bionicle all day. I wish I could go back.
by Petrolandlightsabers June 09, 2019
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The thing your parents and teachers encourage when you are a kid, only for it to start getting crushed by life.
Kid: "mommy, I want to be a doctor when I grow up"
Mother: "yes son you can achieve anything!"
~kid grows up to the last year of high school~
Kid:"mom I am going to be a bartender"
Mother:"what happened to your dream of wanting to become a doctor?"
Kid:"life.... and my grades"
by Harley Quinn and The Joker August 06, 2016
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Have you ever had a dream. That you could, um, you would...you had a .....that you should....you could..you...you thought....you had...you could...you wanted to do it so much you could do anything? (That one vine)
“What was a cool dream you had?”

Annoying kid from vine: “well....have you...”
by OLD MAN FANTASY!!!!! M and K September 29, 2019
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a man who likes when George screams and LOVES to be called a pissbaby; is a minecraft youtuber who is known for having a 100000000 iq during his manhunt videos, but is actually a man child who loves to joke around and wheeze his ass off; barely cusses but girls love it when he does; also has not yet done a face reveal but his fans respect his privacy and do not want to pressure him into doing one, right?
dream is a pissbaby.
by clay block September 09, 2020
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the little cunt that got us the glowsquid
guy 1: i like dream, he didnt fuck up the vote with his stans
guy 2: shut up
by poopyfacey October 19, 2020
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