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English slang term for a punch. Used mainly by farmers and/or people from the West Country.
"Some bloke down the pub got funny with me, so I gave him a Dorset handshake."
by Petrolandlightsabers July 13, 2017
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When a fan of the Lego Bionicle toy franchise (usually those who are old enough to remember when the first-generation (G1) Bionicle sets were sold new in shops between 2001 and 2010) excitedly thinks they have found themselves in a Lego store selling Bionicles, only to wake up and discover they were actually sleep and they had merely experienced ‘The Dream’ again, resulting in a crushing feeling of disappointment and longing for the past.
I had The Dream again last night and I’ve been thinking about Bionicle all day. I wish I could go back.
by Petrolandlightsabers June 9, 2019
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