To give one another The Cold is to have the male/males jizz into their partners nostrils so that it runs down and gives the appearance of a runny nose, thus giving them The Cold. In some cases guys take 'giving the cold' to heightened extremes. In stead of receiving the normal pleasure they just look to it as spreading as much cold as they can, tagging women every chance they get. It is frowned upon in most states because the cold has spread too rapidly.
Guy1. Bro did you finally give susy the cold last night? Guy2. Yeah bro, she got a full blast of the cold.
by Ferrus July 10, 2011
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A pick up line used to initiate conversation with a female on a bus, after which furious masturbation will begin.
Man: "Cold cold"
Woman: "....."
Man: *fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

by jdixon4life February 9, 2007
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Having no emotions,
He laughed at the crippled man who fell down, that's cold.
by sk January 7, 2003
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Something that is really nice. Can be used to discribe an attractive female. Also used to describe a excellent play, normally in sports.
"oohh nigga did u see that cold ass girl walk by!?" or "Ayo, lebron just had a cold ass dunk."
by RossTheeBoss August 31, 2008
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When an athlete is very talented.
Man that dude is cold!”
by Bigboy216 March 25, 2019
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1. Cold (adj.) - Being low in temperature; without warmth; lacking heat.

2. Cold (adj.) - Being without emotion, remorse, regret, empathy; heartless

3. Cold ( adj.) - Used to describe someone who looks good; (In this sense, the word may mean the same as hot.
1. - After being left in the refrigerator, the soda was as cold as ice.

2. - While on the outside, she looked warm and happy, on the inside she was as cold as stone.

3. - "Dang, Girl! You cold!"
by IDer Übermensch February 19, 2018
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Adjective, meaning, basically, 'really good, great, talented, awesome, grand, unreal, totally kick-ass, etc.'

1. "Sheeeeeih! That track's muthafuckin' cold!!!!!"

2. "Boy cold!" (could be reference to a star football player, athlete, artist, etc.)

3. "Who cold?" (self-referential, rhetorical question)

4. (Sometimes the 'd' is left off the end of the word, for brevity/coolness' sake, still pronounced with the same long 'o' sound) - as in, "Shit Nigga, he col'!!!!Muhfucka col!!!!!!!" -->(this last one screamed at 110 decibels).
by Trypsamuthafuckintronic November 9, 2005
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