verb - context: to put one on blast; to embarrass someone or put them in an akward position by revealing compromising information
Why you puttin me on blast like that? (Why are you trying to embarrass me?)
by alex March 23, 2005
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To put somebodys business out or shame them badily in front of a group of three or more people.
"I heard Lamar's ex put him on blast at the mall"
by MaMii Chuuula July 16, 2005
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PLaying loud music so every one else can here while ear buds are still in ears and no one else wants to here
by Jack Dusich March 7, 2009
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Very high energy and fun to be around, you have a blast when you are with this person.
Bianca was such a blastness person, even teachers got excited when she came in the door.
by HotHipsOfShaki September 28, 2008
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so high you dont kno were you are or what your doing.
by tank February 28, 2005
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