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when used as a adjective can describe something that seems like charles manson or marilyn manson would do.
Kasie totally pulled a manson and was in a fridge.(reffers to a mrilyn manson pic)

He was all manson and wrote on the walls in blood(Charles manson refferance)
by ChristineH. May 13, 2007
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a rip from a pipe, bong or joint that is especially good.
Holy crap dude, that last hit was a complete manson.
by rodeo September 14, 2005
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Realist nigga outta the bunch, a very loyal boyfriend who cares and will fight for what's his, doesn't give up so easy. Funny person, can't argue with him because you will never win, best jokester
by Nylah baker March 14, 2017
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