some random guy in a baseball uniform who appeared in this post-apocalyptic world. hates ghosts and will beat the shit out of anyone who's hostile to him.
The Batter is my favorite protagonist, he's badass even.
by qweurtyip809 July 14, 2023
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dylan fort e was all 'ard but e's a cripple now cos e got proper battered by sam when e called im a mong
by TheHunterOfPussy November 26, 2016
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that nigga got a biiiig baseball bat if ya's get what im saying

no time to purify the world when he can be purifying hot italian assssssss
"You're walking funny, what happened?"
"Fucked The Batter last night."
by sici November 12, 2013
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To beat up or hit aggresively with the upmost vigour.
I battered those idiots in Clover Drive when they said I was batty!
by Kristian Aitken July 3, 2003
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