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A girl with albinism who is approachable, and really loves to eat cakes and drink coffee or tea. She is also a cat person and plays this console game "Shinsoku Neko". She often uses her computer, too.

She can be the bestest friend you'll ever meet, although you do not want to mess with her..
Sabitsuki: Hi there.
Her friend named Smile: hello nagito komaeda danganronpa
Sabitsuki: ..What did you just call me?
by qweurtyip809 July 14, 2023
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some random guy in a baseball uniform who appeared in this post-apocalyptic world. hates ghosts and will beat the shit out of anyone who's hostile to him.
The Batter is my favorite protagonist, he's badass even.
by qweurtyip809 July 14, 2023
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A term people often use to slander "quirky" indie turn-based RPG games that have similarities in terms of gameplay or themes that tackle mental health issues such as depression. Often used for indie games that are inspired or has the same vibe with the "Earthbound/MOTHER" series, hence the sentence.
Person A: Dude you should play OMORI, this game is so depressing.
Person B: Ah yes, the quirky earthbound inspired indie rpg.
Person A: bruh who cares about that! It's a great game anyway!
by qweurtyip809 June 14, 2023
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Majo no ie, (The Witch’s House) is a freeware puzzle horror game made on the engine RPG Maker VX, created by Fummy and released on 2012 of October. It is one of the most memorable games in the YouTube RPG horror era played by let’s players such as Markiplier. It was also inspired by another classic game Ib.
The Witch’s House is the kawaii game!
by qweurtyip809 July 16, 2023
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some really pretty blonde girl in a blue dress! and oh she’s probably a delinquent as well, maybe holding a nailbat and stuff..
Usotsuki is a liar.
by qweurtyip809 July 16, 2023
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