Probably one of the greatest era's ever. Second to the sixties. The beginning and end of great music. A time when music was real and wasn't fake like todays pop and rap. Even rap was good back then. The people were real, they knew who they were and where they were going. If only it could last forever.
Weezer in the 90's = real alternative music

Weezer in the 21st century= lame pop music :(
by dizzle_312 June 29, 2010
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The 90's are currently The Decade to sit around and talk about.
You can't talk about the 90's! You were born in 1991!!
I was born in 1989 and can therefore remember watching Darkwing Duck much better than you and can talk about whatever I want!!
by Meh. Go away. September 11, 2007
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basically a bomb ass bitch time, if you weren't a 90s kid then you're missing out. we had furby, we had spice girls, we had overalls, we had slap/curl bracelets, we had magic 8 balls, we lived off war head candies and watched endless hours of all that.. man what a time to be alive.
oh that dude is from the 90s for sure, check out his hit clips collection
by unanimous101 May 14, 2015
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The 90s.

A magical place where impressions and love for your country and also other countries was a normal thing.
Most kids grew up poor together closing a lot of generational and demographically designed bullshit gaps keeping them apart.
Not to be confused with the close friend Z.
The 90s: remember sesame street? And basketball? And hooping? And chalk. And in general just chilling outside to your beatbox?

Snobby millenials: you were born WHAT YEAR.
The 90s: well...yeah the end of it. It seemed pretty legit. Bring back my MTV is a great song.
Friend z: yeah not having cable was the shit. But also having cable was also the shit.

The 90s: yeah I agree here the keys
by ||♡|| October 24, 2020
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verb - The discarding of all technical virtuosity in music, the detuning of your instruments, the adoption of whiney or rapped vocals.

noun - An era whose only redeeming qualities were the destruction of hair metal and the creation of the fantastic Beast Wars cartoon. American music was taken over by Grunge, and again later by Rap, Nu-Metal, and post-grunge. None of these genres had any interesting technical arrangements, and most were filled with self-indulgent lyrics about angst, pain, and how much "life sucks".
Though it only lasted ten years, this decade has set music back nearly thirty years.
by AdmiralDavidov August 10, 2005
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