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When you hear something that defies a normal "That's Cool". It is typically found in use by teenagers and hipsters.
John- "Did you hear about the Semi truck that did a back flip yesterday?"

James- "Yeah, dude. I saw it in a video online. THAT'S LEGIT!"
by Na'vi Lover June 03, 2014
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Mostly used by teenagers, saying "That's legit" is a way of saying "That's cool" or "Awesome". It is very much pointing out the obvious, just a cooler way to say it.
Dude I went to the skate park today.

Dude! That's legit.

Yeah I saw a hot chick there!

Really? Like, legitimately?

by redfingernails000 August 13, 2010
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Something is legitimate. That something is respectable. Statements made by Robert at Texas Tech.

See I respect that
by Robert April 23, 2005
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