To really truly feel a certain way
I legitimately hate you
by hannah.e.adam$ September 27, 2015

1) Lawfully correct, legal.

2) Justified, not un-called for

4) Something very, very true

3) used to describe something in the utmost of truthiness or maybe something SO FRIKKIN DAMN AWESOME , see sick,sweet, telk, or godly

also see legit
The cash was legitimate.

It was a legitimate insult.

Twilight sucks, and you know it.

boy1-"check out what i scored tonight!"
boy2-"That Is Legitimate."
by jschoo May 10, 2009
1. fair (for you); something that you won

(like a game of cards might be legitimate for you but not for another person)
person 1: hey lets arm wrestle

person 2: ok

(person 1 wins)

person 2: that was so unfair! you bit me!

person 1: thats not true, it was totally legitimate

person 2: it was not legitimate

person 1: ur just salty that you lost

person 1: and i didn't bite you either, i used my "skill"
by June 27, 2018
Form of sarcasm

If something that happens is extremely unlikely you say it is legitimate or extra legitimate often followed by a hand signal normally used to express the word ok
Mertesacker outpaced Walcott that is extra legitimate
by FreakyBigH February 19, 2015
my children are legitimate, i was married when they were born.
by jesus November 16, 2003
the act of being legit
whoa, she's legitimancy!
by emolythewhore May 28, 2009
in a case of legitimate rake, your yard has way of rejecting the cleaning. so when you go outside the next day, your yard is covered in leaves and is back to the way it was.
Joe: dude, didn't you just rake this yesterday?

tom: yeah....

joe: it must be a case of legitimate rake.
by girls name October 30, 2012