1) Lawfully correct, legal.

2) Justified, not un-called for

4) Something very, very true

3) used to describe something in the utmost of truthiness or maybe something SO FRIKKIN DAMN AWESOME , see sick,sweet, telk, or godly

also see legit
The cash was legitimate.

It was a legitimate insult.

Twilight sucks, and you know it.

boy1-"check out what i scored tonight!"
boy2-"That Is Legitimate."
by jschoo May 10, 2009
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1. fair (for you); something that you won

(like a game of cards might be legitimate for you but not for another person)
person 1: hey lets arm wrestle

person 2: ok

(person 1 wins)

person 2: that was so unfair! you bit me!

person 1: thats not true, it was totally legitimate

person 2: it was not legitimate

person 1: ur just salty that you lost

person 1: and i didn't bite you either, i used my "skill"
by craisins.inc June 26, 2018
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Form of sarcasm

If something that happens is extremely unlikely you say it is legitimate or extra legitimate often followed by a hand signal normally used to express the word ok
Mertesacker outpaced Walcott that is extra legitimate
by FreakyBigH February 19, 2015
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my children are legitimate, i was married when they were born.
by jesus November 16, 2003
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If you are accused of camping, this is the correct reply to that accusement. Originated from RvB
Red: Oh, you fucking Camping bitch!
Blue: It's A Legitimate Strategy!
by Secret Justin January 26, 2007
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