23 definitions by Homeless Chicken

Smoking/Vaping dank out of a glass piece. Refers to the smoke that gathers in a glass piece when you start sucking on dat shit.
bitch: lemme hit this shit

*vapor gathers inside water pipe*

faggot: yo clean that shit nigga
by Homeless Chicken September 19, 2020
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"bro you see will smith slap chris rock? he's such a cuck defending his wife who fucked like 50 other guys while they were married"
by Homeless Chicken April 6, 2022
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The response you use when you attempt to undermine the response of another person who just won't shut the fuck up.

It usually indicates apathy and an unwillingness to continue the conversation. Basically it implies you don't give a fuck about what they have to say.
retard - "do atheists know they are going to hell?"

normal person - "we don't believe in god or hell you fucking dipshit."

retard - "but the bible says all atheists are going to to hell"

normal person - "k"
by Homeless Chicken September 5, 2017
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A professional specializing in the study of memology, an emerging science dedicated to the documentation of internet memes.
Random Pleb: "I heard you became a memologist, congrats"

Recent graduate student: "Thanks dude, I got a degree in memology, but now I'm balls deep in student debt but it doesn't matter because being a memologist is my dream job. Now I got to get back to my computer and get on with my work, being a memologist requires a lot of hard work."
by Homeless Chicken May 3, 2016
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When something is so legit (real, authentic) that the only word that could possibly describe it is "legitness".
"yo dats only $20 a gram"

"for realz??? I gotchu bro, dats straight legitness right there, you the man"
by Homeless Chicken August 27, 2017
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when a nigga looking fly, clean and fresh af. when you know he bout to hit the club and get hos
"damn look at Devonte, nigga got dat drip, you know he finna pick up bitches"
by Homeless Chicken June 25, 2022
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An NBA player who has never won a championship.
Charles Barkley - "Do you think Lebron James can rival your position as the GOAT?"

Michael Jordan - "The fuck your ass talkin bout fool, you ain't got shit, don't be talkin down to me, no ring having ass nigga"
by Homeless Chicken September 3, 2017
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