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The act of aggressively turning someone into your son.

A father holds an authority position over his son and is able to dictate his son's life. In the same way, someone who "sons" another person, gains a position of authority over them and is higher than them in the social hierarchy.
*Wilbert engages in intense philosophical discourse with Alistair on the internet.*

*Wilbert puts forward an impenetrable argument and Alistair never responds*

by Homeless Chicken September 19, 2020
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Basically how British people pronounce the word "fam".
Chav 1 - "m8 Arsenal focking sucks ya bloody mug".

Chav 2 - "U fockin wot fum?? I'll shank ya in ya gob fum, don't ever say that again fum, I'll break ya fockin neck fum".
by Homeless Chicken October 13, 2017
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The act of forcefully humbling someone who is acting above their position.
*Randy defeats an annoying cocky minecraft player on some obscure server filled with lonely virgins*

by Homeless Chicken September 3, 2017
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A series of 'epic fantasy' novels (known as A Song of Ice and Fire) written by George R.R. Martin, it was eventually adapted into a TV show with HBO acquiring the rights.

It is one of the most hard core, brutally nihilistic pieces of literature in recent memory. Where plot armor is very minimal, morals are almost non-existent and main characters die on the regular. If you're looking for something that is raw, merciless and brutal without any bullshit, Game of Thrones is for you. This book/show does not fuck around.
"Bruh, everything is so cliche and boring these days, when is someone going to release some real shit"

"I order you to get your ass into Game of Thrones this instant, it's got murder, rape, incest, war, sex, regicide, child killing, torture and all that fucked up shit, it's just like real life.
by Homeless Chicken September 3, 2017
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When someone is so much of a bitch nigga (cowardly, scared) that the only way to quantify that is to call them a bitch ass bitch nigga.
"Mane, what if Kieth catches us having an orgy with Jessica?"

"Fool just shut yo ass up and lemme finish in dis hoe. Fuckin bitch ass bitch nigga".
by Homeless Chicken September 3, 2017
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Smoking/Vaping dank out of a glass piece. Refers to the smoke that gathers in a glass piece when you start sucking on dat shit.
bitch: lemme hit this shit

*vapor gathers inside water pipe*

faggot: yo clean that shit nigga
by Homeless Chicken September 19, 2020
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