An electrician who works in his trade for a living. This includes Sparkies such as:

1. Systems Electricians
2. Industrial Electricians
3. Domestic\Residential Electricians
4. Commercial Electricians

And to a lesser degree:

1. Liners
2. Telecommunications\Cat5e\RJ45\Cable Splicers

Explicitly *not* an Electrcial Engineer or Draftsman for they do not use tools or come out to your house in the middle of the night to replace your broken shit)
The Sparky will be here tomorrow to fix that damned switchboard.

The Sparky ripped me off .... again!

I didn't allow enough in my original plans to pay the Sparky, so I'm not going to ... I'll see the bastard in court instead, I'm not giving him a dime! <maniacal laughter>
by Ivonin December 12, 2007
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Another more polite nickname used in place of just calling him an asshole one that he may never catch onto
by shespeaks May 18, 2013
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Sparky is a card in the game clash royal. If you have this in your deck you are probably gay and living in your moms basement. You probably eat sun block for breakfast and haven’t seen the sun in 3.5 years. If someone places this card you should uninstall right away.
Look it’s sparky, he’s probably kissing a guy while playing!”
by Gaygon Macok June 23, 2021
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Independent, Hard-headed, smart, insane, rebellious, musician, "special", loving, funny, awesome, outgoing, hardcore,loud, coy, ... just Sparky.
There is no example, there is only one Sparky.

Ex: Chuck Norris, there's only one, duh.
by penguins0on0fire October 7, 2011
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The feeling you get when you want to get high with your friends.

The same way a person who is hungry wants some food, a person who is thirsty wants a glass of water (or recently attention), a person who is sparky is feeling up to getting stoned or sparking up.

A person who is feeling sparky would not be upset or angry at all if they did not smoke right away, they just feel like smoking. Feeling sparky is a simple expression of a desire.

Sparky portrays the lightheartedness of getting high, versus the real drug addicts that are itching or looking for a fix. Sparky, is just like hungry & thirsty in the way they express the desire to eat, but not necessarily the need to eat immediately. Starving and dehydration would express the need for immediate food and drink.

Pot-heads usually are laid-back in their habits and don't itch or look for a fix. They just occasionally feel a bit sparky when they haven't smoked in a while and have little to get done in the next few hours.
Mike: Hey whatsup man, you feeling sparky?
Christopher: Sure man. I gotta go to work in 3 hours though, so I can spark now or when I get off at 10.

Christopher: Hey you got a light on you?
Adam: Yea, I think I left it in the car though. I was feeling sparky at work today & kept going to break with my dugout.
by viewsonic17gmp3 January 20, 2017
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A term of endearment towards a guy.
Usually an extremely hot sexy mexy who makes a great boyfriend.
Known to go to church on sundays and have a good conscience, Sparky is a very good person.

The type of guy who you just look at and think "God, he's beautiful."
A deep and sensitive person. Makes for great conversation.


Also known to have very traditional taste in things---vanilla icecream and cake,

old fashioned, classy style of clothing, white girls, and old music and movies.
"I hear Sparky is dating someone!! I'm so depressed...."
"Me too! She's so lucky..."
by HotokoChan July 18, 2009
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