Tectone or known as Whale,Fat-white man Pls get me cool five star and the Lion on Apex Legends. is a content creator on Youtube And twitch he plays a variety of games but mainly Genshin impact right now, on his twitch he interacts often with his chat and community. Tectone got his nick name "Whale" from spending vast amounts of money on games.
Tectone Content Creator/please whale on my account (I'm being serious Not Fast#2703 is my discord)
by Aaron123king April 11, 2021
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Dance style popular in Europe, specifically Paris, France. Use of arms and feet to create rythmic movement that goes well with techno club music.
Look at Jason tectonic!
by Alyssa Butler May 11, 2008
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A term used to describe a situation when a person gets bad luck on weapon banners.
"Dude, Song of Broken Pines is literally avoiding me and I got another Aquila bruhh"
"Lol, you got Tectoned"
by Tenney519 May 18, 2021
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When two girls rub their asses together
Two girls booty to booty. The ass crack being a fault line, rubbing two fault lines together is like plate tectonics. You feel the earth move if the asses are big enough
by wyattwerp June 30, 2011
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1, Great, Large and shifty only on the surface. (Somewhat in the since of being shallow)

2, Only within the scale of what you know or could understand.
1, "Oh -that Steve, He is so tectonic"

2, "I rather read a book that is tectonic too me"
by ~mechasun~ September 11, 2008
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Pronunciation: tek-'tä-nik
Etymology:Late Latin tectonicus, from Greek tektonikos of a builder. Modified usage by Warren of Pittsburgh, 2003 A.D.
:stellar, hip, fashionable
Orogeny is tectonic or that '63 Lambretta scooter with Jet 200 kit and flame job is tectonic.
by bishop July 08, 2003
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tectonic, noun
a gin drink for your office's alpha geek after work.
Cyrus: Hey, thanks a lot for getting my computer to speak English again, and showing me how to use Twitter. Here, go have a tectonic on me.

Bruce: This is the most sensible problem I've handled all day. I had two people who had plugged the power strip into itself. I sure need a tectonic or two after a day like this.
by Oliver Faltz March 29, 2013
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