1. Club music style songs played on radio stations.

2. Songs with no clear rhythm nor beat played on radio stations thinking since it's popular in clubs, it "SHOULD" be popular outside the clubs
God, what sort of club music is this radio station playing.
by dmccowan May 5, 2008
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A type of house music that has 130 BPM, influences from R&B, rap, crunk, 80s synths, techno, and rock, samples that one wouldn't expect to make a song from, such as President Bush's stutter in a recent speech of his, and allows people to dance their pain away while inticing fights and moshpits at the same time. Early examples of Baltimore Club took influence from Miami Booty Bass and Chicago House, such as "It's Time for The Perculator" and "Too Much Booty in the Pants", while more recent examples exude the aforementioned characteristics.

One can dance to Baltimore Club Music in almost anyway imaginable: a shoulder lean, a snap and a pop, a 1-2 step.
However, two of the most prominent types of dancing for Baltimore Club Music are the "Crazy Legs" and the "Spongebob", which can be demonstrated if one searches for "Baltimore Rockin" on Youtube. Dancing to club music is often called "Rockin' Off" or "Shakin' Off".

Note: Baltimore Club Music is a distant cousin to gogo, even though most that listen to BCM dislike gogo calling it, often times, "a waste of six minutes".
Oblivious Clubhopper: "What's that annoying African chant from Michael Jackson stuck on repeat for? I can actually vibe to it now!!!"
Baltimore Club Head: "Oh, that's Baltimore Club Music. And, by the way, it's Mamasay Mamasa Mamacusa. Let me call K-Swift on the 92Q-Lines and request Hands Up, Thumbs Down so I can start rockin' off."
by J dot Speed December 5, 2006
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A type of house music that ranges from 130 to 140 bpm. It's greatly influenced by Baltimore Club music as well as the offspring Jersey Club Music. Philly Club doesn't only consist of remixes of ALL genres of music, but from any source that can make a sound; commercials, movies, acts of nature, etc. A Philly Club remix is described by producer DJ Sega, also the founder of this club sound, as not only music but an experience as a whole. Philly Club is also known in Philadelphia as "Party Music".

Philly Club is not only music made for the club atmosphere. Some remixes are purely produced to be listened to amongst a few friends at a time; comedy songs.
Alicia: "I love this song!!! Got you, Got you all up in check!!! Got you, Got you all up in check!!! It's so hype!!!!"

Sandra: "I love this song too. But he's saying, 'Got you, Got you all in check' It's actually a remix of Woo Hah by Busta Rhymes that DJ Sega did."

Alicia: "Oh, for real?"

Sandra: "Yea. One of my favorites is "Lotto Numbers"

Alicia: "Oh! I heard that one!!! That's the one with Day Day from Next Friday right?"

Sandra: "Yeah, but it's from the movie 'All About The Benjamins'. It's so hilarious!!"

Alicia: "Where can I get that song?"

Sandra: "It's somewhere on the net. I think I downloaded it from a program. But I'll send it to you"

Alicia: "Cool. Let me finish Wu-Tangin to this crazy track!!! Woo Hah!!!!"

Sandra: "I just LOVE Philly Club Music!!!!!"
by Club Music Addict January 7, 2009
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the best club music of course from the best city ever.Its really fast and kind of hard to dance to.Especially if you're not from b-more.
baltimore club music tote it remix,slyde to the left,get my gun,mamasay mamasa macusa,handz up thumbz down....some hot tracks
by Rainbow Socks August 9, 2007
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fast,danceable blend of hip hop,house,and whatever the producer wants to mix in.got dc hatin' on bmore TERRIBLY right now.dc-learn how to spell first-and then hate.bmore kids dont even know what go go is-so they def aint imitating it.dj class is major label-any go go artist?sorry-c ya next time.
baltimore club music remix of paper planes
by scottie b baltimore January 30, 2009
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Is music from Baltimore thats not originally theirs, It contains samples of other songs spliced together over a hyper fast synthesised beat,and is danced to like a faggot on ecstasy. The music is claimed to "go harder than D.C. GoGo" but doesn't.
Baltimore Club Music...

B-More Cat- Fuck ya'll D.C. GoGo (While dancing Faggotly on ecstasy to B-More Club)

DC Goon- Man Fuck you (While Beating his feet all over the B-more Club Music Faggots face while listening to GoGo)
by divaqueensupreme May 5, 2009
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Sound Waves that people in Baltimore call "music."
They tried to copy D.C. go-go and failed. Terribley.
D.C. shit on Baltimore and they mad cuz they aint us.
Person from Baltimore (listening to baltimore club music in baltimore): Mamasay Mamasa Mascua Yea thats my shit!! *does crazy legs (copying te beat yo feet style from d.c.)*
Person from D.C.: Nigga shut yo go go wanna be ass up!! *proceeds to steal ol boy from bmore in the face and turn on some crankin real music by BYB*

Shanique Alaze Monique: Maury, this is the 25th time I been on your show. I have to find Dijonay, Shareefa, Koronte and Jemkfpakdfj;aay baby daddies!! *sniffs and cries*
Maury: Where are you from?
Shaunique Alaze Monique: Baltimore, Maryland!!
by Dat Girl March 21, 2008
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