"you are so TD, you can't sing a note in tune!"
by Gaysh's creator February 2, 2009

The guy when you first meet them, they’re the most perfect guy. His humor, his looks, his smile...just so charming and attractive. Like most people, dirty minded but good at timing his jokes, and isn’t that one perverted guy who screams, ‘that’s what she said’, or blurts out every dirty thought that comes to his mind. He also has the most heartwarming smile and laugh you’ve ever seen/heard. Has the ability to make the most depressing situation or stale conversation into a hilarious one, and is pretty honest. Not one of those fake people who agrees or goes along with what everybody else says. Thinks he isn’t popular but is, always has a group of friends around him and is athletic. (Basically a whole godamn package). Gives the most impressive compliments, makes a girl feel special just by joking and talking.
by Akjfpajfs April 26, 2020
TD means TRUE DAT, which means "true that," meaning the fact is true. It is an expression used in everyday lingo in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Marin, and Redwood City. It's the new "ooh kill em."
Example 1:

Natasha: that boy is soooo hot!

Tiffany: TD, I'm so D for the D!

Example 2:

Brian: yo I wanna get on dat ass!

Dylan: real talk! TD dude, we should tap that doe
by theTDtruthkoolkats September 25, 2013
Are you going to the game td?
Yeah r u?
by FriedJujuBean December 7, 2020
Trump Derangement Syndrome, is the unwavering adoration and devotion to a political leader, beginning with Donald Trump the namesake of the disorder, extending to other forms of leadership including presidents and rulers typically of a fascist or populist nature. While the name is meant to have pejorative connotations the actual condition is characterized primarily by behaviors found in in "cult of leader" or "cult of personality" scenarios.
"Trump is a real player, back in the day he fondled all the ladies," "I know man, but my pastor at church LOVES Trump", "TDS man, Trump said it himself, he could shoot a man on Fifth Ave in NYC and his base would not leave him, TDS, his followers are devout!"
by CrunchKote August 31, 2019
"Trump Dipshits". If someone is said to be "suffering from TDS", this means that the person in question is being harassed online by asshole Trump supporters.
"Yeah, looks like somebody's suffering from TDS over here."
by inkflight March 27, 2019
a.k.a. Trump Derangement Syndrome. The inability to find fault with Trump due to the fact that you voted for him in 2016. Also see: Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias.
Mike is disconnected from reality and plans to double-down on Trump in 2020; the TDS is strong in this one.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 22, 2020