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Trump Dick Sucker: Any fucktard that thinks that a misogynistic, racist rapist who ignores the law and encourages his sheep to commit to violence (not to mention is a terrible businessman) would be good for the US.
Smart person 1: What's with that moron wearing the sleeveless t-shirt and cut-off jean shorts.
Smart person 2: He's just a TDS who hasn't had his daily dose of Trump cum.
by nunuhya August 01, 2019
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Trump Defender Syndrome is an affliction endemic to Trumpanzees whereby any mention of the name Trump immediately causes defensiveness, rationalization, deflection and a generalized frothing at the mouth.
Person 1: Donald Trump is a grifter.
Person 2: No he's not. We should be investigating Joe Biden and his son! They made billions off Burisma!
Person 1: Dude, your TDS is showing.
by Hoothat February 05, 2020
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Trump Delusion Syndrome. The inability to find fault with Trump due to the fact that you voted for him in 2016. Also see: Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias.
Mike believes this is the golden age and plans to double-down on Trump in 2020; the TDS is strong in this one.
by E4rthm4n July 18, 2019
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Trump Derangement Syndrome, is the unwavering adoration and devotion to a political leader, beginning with Donald Trump the namesake of the disorder, extending to other forms of leadership including presidents and rulers typically of a fascist or populist nature. While the name is meant to have pejorative connotations the actual condition is characterized primarily by behaviors found in in "cult of leader" or "cult of personality" scenarios.
"Trump is a real player, back in the day he fondled all the ladies," "I know man, but my pastor at church LOVES Trump", "TDS man, Trump said it himself, he could shoot a man on Fifth Ave in NYC and his base would not leave him, TDS, his followers are devout!"
by CrunchKote August 31, 2019
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Trump Derangement Syndrome
The mental derangement manifesting in right-wing supporters of Donald Trump who reject rational discussions of Trump's undeniable unfitness for the office he currently holds. Like Trump, TDS sufferers have a severe break with reality (that he is incompetent and unfit) and use various psychological coping mechanisms in pathological ways to avoid dealing with it. These include:

repression where TDS sufferers simply refuse to admit to facts

regression where TDS sufferers fall back on name-calling (i.e. the far, far left, communists, facists, radicals, America-haters, man-haters, white-haters ect.)

projection where TDS sufferers accuse rational folks of the maladies they and Trump suffer from (instability, poor work ethic, low curiosity, abject knowledge, pathological dishonesty, corruption, narcissism, unpopularity, racism, bias, prejudice, criminality, indecision, timidity and general poor mental and physical health)
whataboutism where TDS sufferers refuse to deal with facts about Trump's unacceptable behavior by switching the topic
deflection where TDS sufferers attempt to switch the focus to something other than themselves and Trump
equivalence where TDS sufferers attempt to claim that Trump and themselves are well within norms
exaggeration where TDS sufferers attempt to portray opponents as far outside norms
conspiracy groupies where TDS sufferers imbibe preposterous conspiracy theories that have been thoroughly debunked
Did you read the comments in that Fox news report?
No, the TDS over on Fox is just way too much to stomach
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by WolfmanBack October 03, 2019
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"Trump Dipshits". If someone is said to be "suffering from TDS", this means that the person in question is being harassed online by asshole Trump supporters.
"Yeah, looks like somebody's suffering from TDS over here."
by inkflight March 27, 2019
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It is short for 'Trump Dick Syndrome'. It is when you are a white boy so your dick is so tiny that you get angry for no reason and decided to take it out on easy targets like Syrian refugees and Mexicans.
That white boy's got some real TDS shit right there.
by LeeKundo February 05, 2019
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