a.k.a. Trump Derangement Syndrome. The inability to find fault with Trump due to the fact that you voted for him in 2016. Also see: Cognitive Dissonance and Confirmation Bias.
Mike is disconnected from reality and plans to double-down on Trump in 2020; the TDS is strong in this one.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 22, 2020
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Trump Derangement Syndrome, is the unwavering adoration and devotion to a political leader, beginning with Donald Trump the namesake of the disorder, extending to other forms of leadership including presidents and rulers typically of a fascist or populist nature. While the name is meant to have pejorative connotations the actual condition is characterized primarily by behaviors found in in "cult of leader" or "cult of personality" scenarios.
"Trump is a real player, back in the day he fondled all the ladies," "I know man, but my pastor at church LOVES Trump", "TDS man, Trump said it himself, he could shoot a man on Fifth Ave in NYC and his base would not leave him, TDS, his followers are devout!"
by CrunchKote August 31, 2019
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"Trump Dipshits". If someone is said to be "suffering from TDS", this means that the person in question is being harassed online by asshole Trump supporters.
"Yeah, looks like somebody's suffering from TDS over here."
by inkflight March 27, 2019
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Short for Trump Derangement Syndrome. A common but casual (not medically recognized in DSM) mental affliction. Those affected seem to have extreme emotional & behavioral reactions to the mere mention of Donald Trump (45th president of the United States of America).
"No one at work talks to Jim anymore due to his support of the president & their TDS".
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TDS:trump delusional syndrome

Referring to delusional trump supporters.
Trump supporter: Trump is the greatest president of all time!

Rational human: Sorry, he has TDS. Please ignore him.
by Yourmomisamom March 20, 2020
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TDS is the acronym for Trump Devotion Syndrome. It's characterized by a singular willingness to serve criminals with the surname "Trump." Secondary symptoms include the following: edema of the heart and lungs, inflammation of the internal organs, chest tightness, and difficulty forming coherent sentences.

The disease is endemic to the United States and is believed to be, in part, a consequence of the erosion of the social contract.
Many people are saying that sufferers of Trump Devotion Syndrome (TDS) have formed a cult, willing to debase themselves and betray their country to serve a criminal, loud-mouthed Yankee.
by ManyPeopleAreSaying June 6, 2020
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TDS is Trump Delusion, or Denial Syndrome. As we now know TDS, or Trump Delusion (or Denial) Syndrome is suffered by most "Trump Supporters" (Russian Trademark 1999 by Vladimir Putin) and is caused somewhat by the mentally challenged, but mostly by those emotionally challenged and faux American Patriots. Also, spread by TPP (Trump Populist Party, once the GOP, or Republican Party).

This disease can be countered, or inoculated only by TAP, "True American Patriotism".

TDS is as Trump himself would define it, a "Russia Virus" manufactured in Moscow by Trump's butt buddy hero and political lover, Vlad Putin ("Putin" translated means: putrescence).

It was manufactured in a combined effort by Putin's SVR, FSB and especially GRU and spread throughout America by Russian and Donald Trump propaganda, and most greatly by Putin's super spreader, Donald John Trump, not ridiculously the President of the United States.

It can also be countered by American patriots voting against Trump in national elections and true and honest news being shared through MSM, mainstream media, or AFM, Actually Functional Media. Note, FN (Fox News) like RT (Russia Today), are both State propaganda spreaders (Trump's and Putin's, respectively) and should be viewed with great and unabashed trepidation just as any Western democracy would Russia's Pravda or Sputnik "news" agencies.
That right-wingnut Trump supporter has TDS and really needs to seek professional mental health therapy, but they sadly see that as socialism.
by JZMurdock September 4, 2020
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