A diagnosable medical condition in which the afflicted blindly follows Donald Trump, a.k.a. "The Chosen One." The afflicted is incapable of free thought, unable to critically evaluate the actions or any criticism of "Dear Leader," or otherwise accurately perceive the world around them. The mindless adoration of President Trump is so intense as to impairs the person’s judgment. Additional symptoms include blind hatred of those who preach tolerance and deference to verifiable facts, as opposed to whatever "Dear Leader" or His surrogates tell them to believe.
Many people in conservative echo chambers have an incorrect impression of Trump Derangement Syndrome, while suffering from it themselves.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 22, 2020
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A talking point intended to dismiss the majority of Americans, who understand that Donald Trump is unfit to manage a McDonald's, as crazy. Generally unsuccessful, as supporting Donald Trump makes it clear that you are batshit stupid.
The high school dropout, who won't watch anything but Fox "News," has Trump Derangement Syndrome.
by America Lover 🇺🇸 October 22, 2020
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A disease Trump supporters have which causes them to believe his tens of thousands of lies, accept multiple unsupported conspiracy theories, excuse all his offenses and crimes, promote that he's a good man who has learned from his mistakes, and vote against their own interests.
John: It's amazing how Trump supporters ignore all his lies and forgive all his crimes.

Jane: Yeah, they suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and are unable to see anything negative about him.
by bkwormonthenet October 28, 2020
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TDS is a condition developed by media manipulation that causes people to act irrationally in regards to anything Donald Trump. Such behaviors include calling anyone a Trump supporter because they are not outright disrespecting Donald Trump or disagreeing with him, Willingly cutting off the closest of family and friends who support him or show him any kind of respect, fairness or defense and/or call out democratic leaders when blame and accusations are being placed on Donald Trump, becoming hostile towards anyone who who does any of the above in real life or in the comment sections of internet websites and forums, going into a fit of rage at the mere sight, thought or sound of anything that is not disrespectful to Donald Trump.

Applied especially to people who believe everything the media tells them and will refuse to do research to find the truth because it may invalidate their hatred for Trump. If they DO research they won’t search for truth, but for things that will parrot and reinforce their hatred for Trump.
“She really cut ties with her mother and called her a racist bigot just because she voted for Donald Trump. Her mother married into a black family and has a gay son. Just cause you voted for Trump doesn’t mean you’re a racist bigot. Smh..that girl has a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. I could talk about Joe Biden’s history past and present, but she doesn’t want to talk about that.”
by Open Mind Marco April 20, 2022
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An affliction that profoundly affects Trumpsters causing them to abandon rationality and denounce criticism of Conald Grump as 'fake news'. The affliction causes irreparable damage to the brain of sufferers, thus they are unable to function properly. The cause of the illness is said to emanate from an obsession and deification of an orange criminal fraudster and serial sexual assaulter.

Other symptoms include:

-Bringing up Bill Clinton when orange goblin is criticised.

-Bringing up Hillary Clinton when orange goblin is criticised.

-Bringing up Barack Obama when orange goblin is criticised.

-Labelling critics 'Libtards' and a bunch of other go-to buzzwords from idiotic bingo.

There is no known cure. Once the sufferer displays symptoms, the subsequent mental deterioration inevitably sets in, therefore attempting to intervene is futile because it's too late and the damage is already done.
Critic: "Did you hear that cockwomble orange fuckwit did such thing?"

Sufferer of Trump Derangement Syndrome: "Fake News. Libtard. Go to Hell. MAGA. TRUMP 2020."
by uavinalaughm8? July 14, 2018
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The reality-bending form of dementia that Donald Trump suffers from. Characterised by a juvenile temperament, obsessive lying and a grotesquely bloated ego.

By extension, the term is also used to describe Trump supporters' curious inability or unwillingness to notice that the man is utterly cracked.

A third, possibly ironic, use is to pretend that Trump critics are somehow deranged for pointing out the glaringly obvious.
Reporter: The president just smeared Big Mac sauce over all his body and ran naked through the streets of Washington, DC, screaming about fake news and reptilian space aliens. Your thoughts, Mr. Fluffer?

Fluffer: Well, he's not a traditional politician. That's why we love him and why millions voted for him. Haters like you are just suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, always trying to find a reason, any reason, to criticize him.
by ouiaerhtmjv09qu4y5j7rhtkgadpo September 8, 2019
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The latest attempt by the alt-right to demonise anybody who thinks that maybe putting a reality TV star who's declared bankruptcy six times in charge of the country might not have been the best idea.
"So what if Trump only told the complete truth throughout 4% of his campaign, and had to settle out of court for that fraud trial, and that he reacts like a spoilt brat on Twitter to any kind of criticism? Geez, you libtard SJW snowflakes just have accept democracy won and stop exercising your right to free speech! You're so negative with your Trump Derangement Syndrome!"
by post-truthpillock January 18, 2017
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