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TD means TRUE DAT, which means "true that," meaning the fact is true. It is an expression used in everyday lingo in San Francisco, Walnut Creek, Marin, and Redwood City. It's the new "ooh kill em."
Example 1:

Natasha: that boy is soooo hot!

Tiffany: TD, I'm so D for the D!

Example 2:

Brian: yo I wanna get on dat ass!

Dylan: real talk! TD dude, we should tap that doe
by theTDtruthkoolkats September 25, 2013
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Otherwise known as being trashed > being drunk.

Drunk, under the influence of alcohol. Usually to a large extent. Unable to think correctly, move correctly, or act normaly because of the influence of the alcohol.
Let's get T'd like no tomorrow!
by Vivalaglam February 06, 2010
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Abbreviation for touchdown in the game of American football. Scored when a player carrying the ball crosses into the end zone or catches a pass while in the end zone of the opposing team. Worth 6 points on the scoreboard.
"He threw 3 TD passes in first game of the season."

"They have already scored a TD on us."

"I can't believe I missed that pass, it would have been a TD for sure if I caught it."
by IceWarm November 21, 2004
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Trend jumpers. N. (Tee~Dee) Pl.(Tee~Dee's)

(Similar to trend setters)

Shortened to TD's
A noun given to a person or group of people that display the characteristics of conforming. They change their opinions and how they act to follow/copy others through how they act, talk, dress or what their interests are etc.

Td's as the name suggests, jump, from fad to fad or craze to craze. Adopting the latest trends in an attempt to be accepted or fit in. Similar to poser and wannabe
-Hey do you wanna go see *insert popular event eg concert or twilight movie here*? (response) Ew no too many td's.

See also poser
by kwijibo? October 06, 2009
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TD is... a place. TD was conceived at the University of Virginia in 2014 by two first year students from Washington, D.C. They lived a dorm off Alderman Road. This room became known as "Top Dorm" due to the excessive drinking and hedonistic activity that occurred therein. They would frequently host pre-games, and their fridge was never left empty.

TD is... a brotherhood. "Top Dorm" was quickly adapted to the shorthand, and more commonly used, "TD" after the third member, from Courtenay 130, was initiated. These three young men were loyal to the end, and never wavered in their commitment and respect for each other and TD itself.

TD is... a lifestyle. The three members were studious. They spent many hours in the library, and maintained high GPAs. However, the three members of TD were also reckless. Weekends included long nights of partying and pursuit of muff. These men did not give a fuck. Hammered or not, they always got their nut. The three men drank in the face of their RAs and fucked in the presence of their partners' roommates. These men lived life to the fullest, and stayed in the fast lane until Father Time told them it was time to slow down. Then they went faster.

TD is... an ideal. To be TD is to live life to the fullest. It is to not give a fuck. It is to pursue life's pleasures and disregard life's roadblocks. To be TD is to be oneself, and do things your own way. To be TD is to take what you want and deserve, and to never let anybody or anything get in your way.
- "Dude you fucked her roommate?... That's pretty TD"
- "TD is life."
- "Shit that dude is so TD."
- "I'm gonna hit up Clemons but I'll see you at TD."
- "Pregame at TD?"
- "Dude, fucking TD."
- "Yeah I was kinda out of control this weekend. Oh well, TD."
- "Dude, she is serious muff... TD."
- "Dan Bilzerian is so TD."
- "Thomas Jefferson was pretty TD man."
- "I think I'm gonna clean TD in a bit. Probably having muff over later."
- "I have no idea where I am bro... TD."
- "Yeah I just picked up a couple cases." "Fuckin TD."
- "Woke up in the hospital with an IV drip this morning. TD."
- "Wow I have no idea what happened last night... TD."
- "I think I'll write my essay on Rex Grossman." "Dude thats pretty TD."
- "I've been at the library since noon dude... Fucking TD"
- "T fucking D"
- "Just poked my friend from high school's mom. TD."
- "That was pretty TD."
- "Yeah she showed up with her cock but she blew me anyways. TD."
- "Dude, I'm SJC and live in TD. Fuck yeah."
by TDSJC November 03, 2014
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