Magnetic tape, commonly referred to as just tape, is very thin plastic tape coated across the length of it with a magnetic substance. For example, it could be coated with iron oxide (Fe₂O₃) or chromium dioxide (CrO₂). Both of these formulas were used in the compact cassette, or cassette tape, a format that stored audio signals on this magnetic tape, running past stationary tape heads at a speed of 1.875 inches per second. Magnetic tape was also used on video recording formats such as VHS, Video2000, and Betamax. It is also used in the high-end recording market, and there it is called reel-to-reel tape.

Tape can also be used as a slang term for recording something on tape (For an example, see below)
I have so many tapes, now I can listen to all kinds of music!
Most VHS tapes contain 246 meters of magnetic tape, all wound up on a spool.

Person 1: Hey, can you record (program x)?
Person 2: Sure! I'll tape (program x) on (device of choice)
by EricICX September 29, 2018
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An adhesive band used for affixing one thing to another.
I duct taped his arm back on to his body.
by Eyeballflyball July 21, 2003
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A code word for when you want to call someone a dick or tell someone in the room that someone else is being a dick but you don’t really want the “dick” to know it’s them. And it’s tape, because you wish you could tape their mouth shut because they are being SUCH A DICK
Tom (to Amy, in a meeting): I don't really care because your proposed solution doesn't address the real problem.

Jaime (to Michelle): Hey, can you pass the tape?
by Max Longfellow August 30, 2013
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The cassette tapes from 13 reasons why explaining the persons role in why hannah killed herself
Clay jenson this is your tape
by THEFATHEROFYOU April 13, 2017
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Slang for when someone or something is old; such as a cassette tape
1. “My grandma is 80.” “Wow she’s tape.”
2. “My jeans are so badly ripped, I don’t think I can wear them again.” “I think they’re tape man.”
by JenesiMar January 09, 2019
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You ever seen those chics in the tight volleyball shorts...then you get my drift.

Also applies to the P in general if it's tight.
by Troy April 04, 2003
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Tape Christgenson is also known as Taft. Also, the royals suck.
by drew March 19, 2003
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