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Clay is amazing! He is a sweet and caring lil guy and a bit of a dork... Everyone at school gives him a hard time but he knows he doesn’t deserve it! If only he knew there was a girl that truly loved him, then he wouldn’t be fooling around with girls he rarely sees... Overall he’s extremely special he often has random bi-polar moments which makes him that much more interesting. Don’t lose him he may be difficult but he’s a good guy
Who’s that? Oh him? That’s Clay!
by prettyinpinkk03 October 22, 2018
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The most adorable, perfect guy in the world. The best boyfriend a girl can ever have. The guy of your dreams. Beyond sweet, beyond nice, beyond sexy ;)... Perfect.
Girl: So you're dating Clay now?

Girl 2: Yes :)
Girl 3: You lucky son of a bitch, he's perfect.
by Awkward_Beauty March 05, 2013
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A clay is usually a naturally strong person.the person is also a caring person and a bit of a softy at times. This person also usually does what needs to happen when you need someone to do it.
Dude he's a clay theirs just no changing that.

Man look at clay hes a beast .
by Za Clay February 19, 2010
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A hot sexy man who has an extremely large cock who hits on girls and then bangs them so hard that there tits fall off
Oh my god I want clay sooooo much <3<3
by Chick magnet 1234 October 02, 2012
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A guy who simply just needs to listen to the tapes but takes drastically too long
"Clay, you're the slowest one yet...What is taking you so long?"
by TROPHYEYES April 12, 2017
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Something that exhibits the qualities of 'clayness'. Unreal. Weird.

Essentially a person who's physical appearance or personality has the ability to blow your mind.

To truly understand the meaning of clay you must understand that everything is 'clay' however it must first exhibit its 'clayness' to be considered 'clay'. You must be able to realize how 'clay' something before you can call it 'clay'.
Damn that shit is clay.

Holy fuck that dude is completely clay.

Elijah Wood is clay. Especially when he was a kid.
by Mr. Kebop April 17, 2008
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