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the best show/book on planet earth. featuring hannah baker, a girl who committed suicide. the show explains why she did it using 13 tapes that she made.
"Did you watch 13 Reasons Why yet? you've got to, it's too good."
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by alykatbro April 07, 2017
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The best show/book ever to be created. Also the biggest emotional rollercoaster you will ever ride with all its ups and downs you will definitely shed some tears and will want to rewatch it again and again.
"Man did you finish 13 reasons why, yet?"

" Yea after sitting on the bathroom floor crying i rewatched it for the second time."
by brezymcfezy April 08, 2017
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A show that I do not advise anyone watching. It’s pure garbage.

It’s about a girl named Hannah Baker whos going through a hard time and NEVER looked for help. Instead, she commits suicide and leaves tapes for 13 people. These tapes intentionally made to make people feel like they’re responsible for her death, even though many of them had nothing to do with her death (and most of them weren’t even bad people, as shown in season 2). All in all, this show encourages suicide and makes depression look like an overreaction to a minor inconvenience

Also, if you do plan on watching (which I highly recommend you not to), be warned. The suicide is ON SCREEN. In addition, there are a few rape scenes… and they’re very disturbing. I’d just avoid the whole show altogether
Person 1: did you watch 13 reasons why?
Person 2: nope. Fuck that shit
Person 1: agreed. It misrepresents depression
by AnonymousBitch098 June 14, 2018
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