An unofficial FAA acronym for the Tampa International Airport. Likened to LAX for Los Angeles or JAX for Jacksonville.
I'm flying in to Tampax this weekend period!
by Skully57 October 27, 2019
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1-<trademark>U.S. brand name of a feminine hygiene product.
2-the cloth that adult women use in order to stop bleeding when they have their period.
I'ma buy yo sista a package of Tampax on her birthday.
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
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An item often found in the possession of a female when the painters are in
You little fucker, you put anthrax on my tampax
by Rogburnergeneral September 16, 2003
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Tampax is a brand of tampon devised by the city of St. Petersburg, Florida in an effort to make the adjacent city of Tampa look less appealing. It didn't work.
Ha, ha. Tampa sounds like Tampax.

You're an asswipe, you know that.
by TheOneManHerd October 8, 2010
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Fits, PERIOD. Basically a blood diaper we cram up our meatholes during a period (of time when things suck).
It's awkward and strange but VERY NECESSARY.
by Kubah's Lubah April 18, 2005
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Tampa International Airport. Currently serving only "red eye" flights.
I booked a flight to Jamaica out of TampaX.
by wolfbait51 June 8, 2011
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as a verb:
(to) tampax someone or something

When someone is about to say something or show something unpleasant and you are using your words or a physical object to stop it leaking out into the public.

as a noun:
something very offensive.

Placeholder for something that you dont want to say out loud.
Thats so rude of her to say, you should make sure to tampax her next time.

You can´t say that, you will get tampaxed.

Thats so tampax.
by Apo Kalu April 22, 2021
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