A name used to describe the people of tahiti.

Tahiti is an eight-shapped island
"Hey, is that my nigga Heep? HEY!" -A real one
"Oi lad, all tahitians are wierd" -some random cunt
by Kill Me 420 December 29, 2017
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adj. of the highest quality; great, awesome, or super sweet.
Damn, that shit was tahitian.
by matt March 17, 2004
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An extremely delicious soda made by seven up. This soda is extremely difficult to find in most places. The soda is nectar of the gods. Formally called tahiti treat
That tahitian treat is so delicious, but I can't find it anywhere.
by kwhubby July 14, 2006
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When oral sex is performed on a male while sitting upon a bidet. The water is flushed between thine ass cheeks emulating the effect of water upon the catamaran hulls (i.e. Each ads cheek represents an individual hull and each male had two ass cheeks).
Mr. Crowley, I do say, Mrs. Addison came upon a most peculiar site the other eve. Whilst checking on the neighbors house, a natural request when one leaves town for an extended period of time, she stumbled upon two teenagers engaging in a most bizarre sexual act. if I am to understand her description clearly, she articulated that the male of the duo was perched upon the bidet whilst the perceived female was performjng fellatio upon his man sheath, or penis. I believe she called it a"Tahitian Catamaran".
by Gooeyduck January 22, 2015
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When one man squatted above another man who is upside-down, on his shoulders, and is facing 180 degrees away from the other, puts each of their respective cock's in the opposing man's asshole and then begins to rotate in a circular motion whilst hopping up and down. This is a Tahitian Twist.

The Tahitian Twist is estimated to have been developed between AD 300 and 800 when early cock-loving Polynesians settled in Tahiti and wanted to claim man cock & ass for their own. Many methods were tried and failed but the Tahitian Twist prevailed and is still in practice by many homo-sexual civilizations to this day.
This lemonade tastes excellent and the grapes are delicious, if I didn't fuck goats I would tackle you into a Tahitian Twist! *slurps goat cock*
by -Anti- April 30, 2008
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A sexual activity in which the male (or female) inserts a gumball into their partner's asshole. Once inserted the partner with the gumball inside them will attempt to push it out and shoot it into their partners mouth at which point the partner will chew the gumball. Take caution! Every now and again "foreign matter" can be shot out from the asshole along with the gumball, it is recommended to plug your nose.
Lets go down to the store we need some gumball so we can do the Tahitian Gumball.
by callmedaley September 2, 2011
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The sexual act of a girl lubing up her anus by shitting on her partner's johnson, thus allowing for a stinkier yet more frictionless anal experience.
- Yo Frank, I think I am in love.

-- Why do you say that?

- Last night Stacy gave me a Tahitian mudslide.

-- Oh man, she's gotta be the one.
by Showjo November 10, 2008
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