Nectar of the gods, to put it simply, is a name for the drink which has the sweetest taste of any drink in the world. The first time someone consumes this sweet, sweet nectar, they will instantly realize that it is by FAR the best thing they have ever tasted in their entire life

This nectar is not necessarily 1 drink that goes for everyone universally. Rather, the nectar of the gods can differ from person to person.

However, in Mexico they share a common knowledge that their "nectar of the gods" is one drink known as el melon. The phrase they recite nationally together is "El melon es el nectar de los dioses"

Translation: El melon is the nectar of the gods
I pulled up to my local mexican restaurant, ready to indulge in a nice chimichanga. I needed a drink to suit the perfect summer day. Normally I would go for an horchata beverage... but today was different... today I would be in for the surprise of a lifetime

I asked to try the different mexican juices, just to get a different taste out of life, something i had never experienced before...

When I pulled up to the window, the woman gave me a sample of a few drinks.....

when the sweet essence of el melon touched my lips, i grinned from ear to ear... never have I tasted something which had such a deep agreeance with my taste buds.

It was from that moment that I knew that el melon would forever be the nectar of the gods, in my life.
by the big ole gootch May 26, 2010
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Dude, don't spill that beer... that's the nectar of the gods...
by G Buckey July 18, 2005
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Water! Life giving water! Used especially when you are extremely thirsty and water is what you really want, as well as when there is a huge variety of drinks in a party and you are glad to finally see water.
Ahh, life giving water. Nectar of the gods. Graham can now feel strength and renewal flowing through him. (King's Quest V)
by Bildad June 2, 2011
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mountain dew

pairs well with call of duty and Doritos
¨gimme that sweet, sweet, nectar of the gods¨
by bimbo baggies 2435 March 9, 2018
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Used to descrive one's favourite or highly rated Alcoholic spirit.
Straight not mixed.
'Mate... check out whats in me flask... it's so the nectar of the gods!"
by dougi January 30, 2006
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The common term used by skaters when speaking about Mountain Dew. Best consumed straight from the 2 liter using a simple formula of high quantities of Dew in small quantities of time. For variety see mountain dew pitch black.
I'm going to the store, I need some nectar of the gods.
by lizardlover February 6, 2005
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