1. Often said when a women has excessive pubic hair.

2. An Expression used when somebody can not locate something.
Tim: Where did you hide that easter egg.
Lindsay: I hid it in the bush.
Arthur: I can't find it. You need to shave.
Tim: I cwutudidther!
by SantaMOD March 26, 2011
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the confused reaction of the reader when dealing with incorrect or inefficient citing techniques done by the writer
His essay is so interesting and I want to read more from his expert’s reference but citation is bad. I can't find the stupid link in the works cited so I'm giving up hope.
by azizy15 November 22, 2011
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Something you say to your mum when you can't find something, moments before she instantly out of nowhere finds it.
Timmy: Mum? I can't find it.
Mum: *does magic shit, before summoning it out of thin air.* SEE I FOUND IT UR DUM-ASS EYES
by crazedLunatic May 10, 2022
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Idk why ur looking at this, just go to pinterest or something
please help i can't find ideas. GO TO FRICKING PINTEREST
by hiimnothere December 6, 2022
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