1. Often said when a women has excessive pubic hair.

2. An Expression used when somebody can not locate something.
Tim: Where did you hide that easter egg.
Lindsay: I hid it in the bush.
Arthur: I can't find it. You need to shave.
Tim: I cwutudidther!
by SantaMOD March 26, 2011
the confused reaction of the reader when dealing with incorrect or inefficient citing techniques done by the writer
His essay is so interesting and I want to read more from his expert’s reference but citation is bad. I can't find the stupid link in the works cited so I'm giving up hope.
by azizy15 November 22, 2011
Something you say to your mum when you can't find something, moments before she instantly out of nowhere finds it.
Timmy: Mum? I can't find it.
Mum: *does magic shit, before summoning it out of thin air.* SEE I FOUND IT UR DUM-ASS EYES
by crazedLunatic May 10, 2022