Noun, adjective

1. The original diet soda containing sucrolose making it taste like crap.

2. general discriptive for anything tasting like crap
Synonyms: Disgusting, nasty
Antonyms: Diet Coke
That crappy food was completley tabb
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Being an Epic Fail at life.
Ruining any chance at getting laid without even trying. - Total Tabb Move
Spraying others with a fire extinguishers. - Total Tabb Move
Falling asleep with your head on your car horn calling for the cops to come arrest you. - Total Tabb Move
by Hazement December 04, 2011
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Insanely sexy, gonna have an orgy with me him and my mates. So hot golly gosh he can write me a history essay any day omg so pretty GAHHHH MOANS AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT THE BUTT CHEEKS
Mr tabb is hella hot. Such a hottie!
by Robert pasketailine June 09, 2021
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