Car horn: an audio device usually activated via a button found on a vehicle's steering wheel intended to get others attention or to warn others.
Ry: what's the use of beeping your car horn?

Justin: none if you're stuck in a jam.
by DarkHorseAsylum February 27, 2014
The sound of automobile horns created entirely by hardware or software synthesis.
No real car horns are harmed when synthetic car horns are used.

Most frequently found in synthesizer music and computer demo zax.
The demo program for the Apple Mac titled, "Chevrolet" by the computer demo group Nooon has synthetic car horns in it. Howl kewl!!!
by Telephony April 4, 2015
When one applies a generous amount of flower to the rim of ones asshole, then proceeds to fart out of the window of a moving vehicle.
I saw my friend Jim next to me, so to get his attention, I preformed a dusty car horn!
by kins.webb February 2, 2015
When your fucking a girl and when you feel a fart cooking up you turn her around and stick her face in your ass and fart making it sound like a broken car horn.
Art: "Last night I felt a huge one cooking up so I gave Tonya a broken car horn."
by Jabbathefart March 18, 2017
An absolute amazing instrument in a car. A very simple yet useful instrument which is BUILT to allow you to warn other drivers of danger, but really is 90% of the time used to tell another driver that they're an asshole.

A WARN Honk is usually two or three short taps on the horn, followed by holding the horn down if it doesn't get the attention of the driver.

A "you're a dick" honk is usually held down for about 1-3 seconds to clearly inform someone that they've pissed you off.

A "GO!" Honk for someone sitting at a green light is usually 2 short taps on the horn.
I honk my car horn when some jackass decides to cheat traffic and cut into my lane from a turn only lane. They deserve to be honked at because they need to be told that they're not special and they're an asshole for cutting the line when the rest of us wait.
by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx November 10, 2020