Referring to a person who is either unusually stupid, fat, annoying, or a combination of all three. Tabb's can also be hitlerific and soniarific.
I was walking down the street, talking to my babe Sonia, when suddenly a big old fat Tabb leapt at me, screaming, "HI SONIA!"
by John DoeNumbertwo April 09, 2008
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A tabb is a person of large body mass, is extremely annoying, unathletic, and eats as much food as a small Swiss village does in a year. Perhaps most annoying is that tabbs like to pretend smart.
so, this random tabb jumps in front of me and starts saying "uhma...basically...," so i say "nasa called, they say your gravity is pulling satellites out of orbit."
by john tuttle May 02, 2008
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A wicked cool animator who publishes black-and-white animated short films for her YouTube channel. She has garnered more than 440,000 subscribers and still counting. It seems she has a fondness for takis and blobs.
Hey did you see the vid Tabbes posted earlier today?
by (´。• ᵕ •。`) February 09, 2018
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Cool utuber -Zavik GMD#4622
Omg tabbes lol
by Zavik UBN March 13, 2018
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Tabbes is an animator with an huge army on YouTube, this army defeated a giant group of enemy's with only 1 jump. This army has so many people in it, that we don't even know who is in it, also never steal Tabbes's bat or you will get beat up.
"Hey Tabbes, you wanna go?"
by Scrambled Cuber September 29, 2018
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quite possibly the finest football player ever born. he could well be jesus.
'burton scored, but jay tabb made the goal'
by dave January 23, 2005
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