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A Wasian is a person who is biracial, typically with one parent asian and the other caucasian. Complexities might include a child with one Wasian parent and another who is white/asian, or two Wasian parents (not a very common case).
Mark Zuckerberg's kids are Wasian; he's white and his wife, Priscilla Chan, is Chinese.
by girlpwr June 12, 2019
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Half White-Half Asian. All wasians are number one. Its a fact look it up.
by KaiKyle July 31, 2017
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Half white half Asian. The most beautiful girls in the world are wasian. Everything about them is gorgeous. If u are lucky enough to come across one then don't let them go and become friends with them.
yo look at that girl, she's so beautiful she must be wasian
by katie chan July 27, 2017
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A wasian is someone who has one white parent and one asian (oriental) parent.
I Andrew Lee am a wasian due to the fact that my father is asian and my mother is white.
by andrew li / wasian ninja May 01, 2006
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