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A loud, outgoing metrosexual man between 20 and 30 commonly seen with short back and sides hairstyle, fitted blazer, financed Range Rover, new build house, and tracksuit-wearing tanorexic trophy wife.
The Deano's natural environment is within a Car Dealership, where he wins over customers with artificially whitened teeth.

Unfortunately lacking in mental faculties, Deanos congregate in newly built suburban areas with other Deanos for safety, as they lack the means of moving up into a higher-paying profession and neighbourhood.
Deano popped open another bottle of prosecco after securing another car deal.

"Deano my son, five more of those and we'll be going to shagaluf!"
by DeanosandDentures February 07, 2019
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Frenemy has a family tragedy. "Thoughts and prayers."
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There's nothing more disgusting than looking at an ass and seeing a deano!
by Hairy Steven July 21, 2011
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The sweetest guy in the world. He is always there for you, night or day. Has the biggest heart. Has great hair and amazing eyes. He is the kind of guy who doesn't give himself too much credit for being cool, but he is super cool dude! He is good looking, cute. He is the kinda guy you wanna squeeze and never let go cause he's just that awesome. He is very caring and thoughtful. They make you want to be a better person. Very intelligent and honest. Seriously, everyone wants a Deano!
Girl 1: Fu*k Off

Girl 2: What?

Girl 1: That girl over there has a Deano! Wtf.. I want one!

Girl 1: Damn Girl, he is such a Deano

*Star gazed eyes as they both stare and wish they had a Deano*
by Kissy444 July 28, 2012
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Uncool, not fun to be around, a bore, and generally a tad smelly.
We were all having a good time until deano showed up
by Not your spam June 16, 2011
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a guy whos a bit of a geek and likes to think he's cool. Can often try too hard and is afraid of people knowing them as a real person.
God, that guys a deano. Can he not tell she doesn't like him
by Someone you'll never find July 20, 2009
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