A mating ritual performed by primates in which the female repeatedly shakes its ass up and down in order to attract a mate.
Up next on Animal Planet, we will go deep into the jungles of Congo to observe the strange mating ritual, "twerking".
by Sheldon J. Plankton August 8, 2014
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Twerking is something that Miley Cyrus should never ever do.
Person 1-Did you see the video of Miley twerking?
Person 2- Unfortunately, yes.
by Mileys-Small-Ass September 1, 2013
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When someone bends over - arches their butt - and wiggles it - usually done to trap, techno, or rap music. This dance has exploded in popularity partially because of celebrities, it is now a global phenomenon.
John: "Dude do you like watch twerking videos on youtube and stuff?"
Keith: No John, I act like a civil human being and use newtwerk.net instead!"
by generalweed420 June 29, 2016
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he act of moving/ shaking ones ass/ butt/ booty in a circular, up-and-down, and side-to-side motion. commonly mistaken as dancing . Prime indicator of a sub-100 IQ
-Oh god that bitch is nasty!! Twerking is so nasty. shaking her ass like that she must have some bad mental issues.
by Real dictionary June 8, 2015
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When a female celebrity, in an act of desperation at the end of her career, stands on her head and turns her vagina into a gonorrhea sprinkler system before a live audience in an attempt to extend their career.
by Chase001 September 23, 2013
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A "dance" demonstration of a "hoe's" body and sexual prowlish as a means of "proving" the value of a pimp's "stable". The moves, choreographed to beats of heavy hip hop music, focus on the buttocks, pelvis, thighs, and legs. Nearly gymnastic moves feature pelvic thrusts, shaking and quivering buttocks, bouncing leg splits with vaginal thumping on the floor, and shaking and grinding buttocks while bent over to simulate copulation from the rear. Contrary to its current fad status as a club dance, twerking has been a staple since 1974 when the pimp "Bishop Don 'Magic' Juan" organized in Chicago the first "Players Ball". A film, "American Pimp" (1998) included a clip in which "hoes" twerked in front of their pimps and others. Subsequently, twerking was adapted by strippers and exotic dancers to routines they performed in clubs.
He got his bitches twerking, working, selling it tonight.
by Honeychile 1552 September 9, 2013
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Also known as dirty dancing. When a woman slams her bottom on a mans pelvic area while dancing. The man can also lunge his pelvic area forward for a harder bang. This usually performed in a dance club along with upbeat music.
Damn, her ass was twerkin' on my junk, I hope she didn't feel my shlong.

I saw you twerking with that girl. That ass was bouncing all over you.
by Grindisha's Lover December 15, 2011
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