-Twitter Snitchin, getting up on twitter, letting everyone know some shit went down, but in reality you are still a Snitch

-Putting up a tweet with vital information, that you wouldn't shout out in any other form, otherwise be labeled and bitch ass Snitch

-Being an all around fag and Internet Snitching
Fabolous was "Twitchin" on T-Pain in Vegas this weekend
by Nasty1931 September 07, 2009
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meaning: really cool or rockin thanks to courtney for the word!also its another way of saying bitchin
by Sam September 18, 2004
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A common combination of the words totally and bitchin' with a random "W" thrown in there.
Oh snap! That Lotus was twitchin' man.
by E-dubby dub October 20, 2006
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Meaning to shoot or stab someone until they convulse or “Twitch
If a nigga snitchin we leave em twitchin’, gang gang gang
by Minute-man July 10, 2020
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