to tell others of your illicit activities, such as police
I thought that was my boy until he started snitchin, now he's 6 feet under and still bitchin.
by Wodie October 12, 2002
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Tellin on someone for an act they committed.
Snitchin' on friends to authorizes I.E. cops; gf's; bf's; Bosses, etc. Example: Boss did you know we did this when we weren't suppose to? No Pablo I did not, thank you for telling on your fellow coworkers
by tmoney24 September 17, 2014
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When the teacher ask which person did something and that one faggot fuck tells them.
"It wasn't me Miss, Ethan done it!" - Says Mitchell as he's Snitchin' it
"Sir, Ethan and William are outside the room" - Theobangafuckendores
by the9hasshole October 21, 2018
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ex: Yo Avon hoe be snitchin' cause he be fuckin other bitches
by yoyoma20005 September 11, 2010
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An urban movement designed to scare people from narking or cooperating with police...the stupidest thing ever created....this is what happens when criminals have an idea
Stupid motherfucker from the hood: My daughter just got raped and I know who did it...I should tell the police but I know the rules.....STOP SNITCHIN!
by youmightknowme March 19, 2008
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Phrase used when "SNITCHED" upon by a Snitch-(A nark,
A tattle Tail, a person that rats you out) or shady snitch like activity presumes...this rates "QUIT SNITCHIN" violently and reckless like
TORRO: ......Hey guys...Did you hear what Phillips said..?

GUYS: What..?

TORRO: (Furter Snitchin)......

PHILLIPS: Quit Snitchin'!!!! <<<<RECKLESS With spit every where and seizure likeish...
by Jay Phizzle June 10, 2008
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