4 definitions by E-dubby dub

a hybrid form of well... cock and twat. If you get angry at someone this is what you call them. Inspired by the common use by Bart.
Dammit Danny!! You're such a fucking cocktwat. Why don't you go die in a friggin' hole you qoy bastard.
by E-dubby dub October 24, 2006
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A state of being that occurs during an extremely boring lecture. It happens when you keep staring at the clock for so long that your eyes appear as clocks.
Dude, you looked so clock-eyed during Dr. P's lecture on the digestive system of a raccoon. How long was it?
by E-dubby dub October 20, 2006
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the act of hyping everybody up to think that your gonna do something ridonkulous but ending up doing jack shit
What a cocktwat. He said he could hold his breath for 9 minutes but ended up pulling a David Blaine.
by E-dubby dub November 05, 2006
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A common combination of the words totally and bitchin' with a random "W" thrown in there.
Oh snap! That Lotus was twitchin' man.
by E-dubby dub October 20, 2006
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