An acronym with the value of "Turning Like an Asshole", which may be used as a verb or a noun.
"Hey dude, you just TLA'd around that corner!"
by Skanking Fatih July 20, 2006
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The perfect amount of beer left in a can that is just over the acceptable limit that people who finish their beers would allow. The TL Amount is unacceptable and should be called out anytime one is found. Possible times include rounds of DDD, usually resulting in many TLA's, and Bowser coming in 4th place on the rainbow road.

TLA also coincides with Too much Left Amount.
When you do the thing with the thing, and leave a TLA sitting around. T is known for creating the TLA.
by CrosscountryTLA October 5, 2011
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It always have been and will be Lucas and Peyton, TLA (True Love Always).
by lp_tla February 22, 2008
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Three Letter Acronym. Slightly shorter and more common than FFLAs
Web developers are filled with TLAs.
by denied January 24, 2003
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A person who is an illiterate fuck named shanndie who is also alt and sucks a call of duty. they are most hated and are weird in every way
Bro look at the Tla over there I fucking hate them
by Cooll kid 6942069' March 21, 2021
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Tlas; Noun: "A three-letter-acronym(s)"
Reverse; "The reverse of the word salt, or NaCl in chemical words"
Meme; "A sweaty, probably gamer/eboy gamertag, typically playing popular games such as Fortnite or Minecraft, but having kdrs as low as .4, possibly a weeb. Gamertag ie: thomasjeffersonTlas, TlasVR, TlasYT, Tlasissaltbackwardslol.
Tom: Hey what does POG mean?"
Mike: "Its a Tlas stoopy."

You: "Hey did you know salt backwards is Tlas?"
Me "Shuddup nerd"
You: "Who's that kid screaming Jojo refrences in chat"
Me: "The hell i dont know, salt backwards?"
by turtles are really cool n stuf January 24, 2022
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