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A very Beatiful Girl with an Outstanding Personality. She is Very Helpful & Smart. She really cares about others. She has a bad temper , so dont test her or push her buttons. Shes very athletic and loves to try new things. Shes shy at first , but once you get to know her , she starts to get really crazy and comfortable around you. If she really loves you and cares about you , and you treat her well , she will get very attached to you and will attempt to build a very strong relationship with you. Please dont push her away , you'll regret it. She doesnt tolerate rudeness and will not kiss anyones ass. She might keep her mouth shut most of the time to not start anything. Peytons do that alot. If you have anything judgmental to say , she really wont care and will ignore anything you have to say. Peyton are very Sensitive, they love crying for no reason at all , so that is why , if you were wondering , is the reason they watch sad movies all the time. Peyton are usually scared of the dark , and believe in ghosts or spirits , but will continue to watch a scary movie anyway. Peytons usually come in small/slim sizes with lil booties. Long story short , Peytons are awesome.
Why is Peyton so Beautiful?

I want a Peyton!
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All right, why don’t you just compost me?
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Peyton's are super pretty, smart, and athletic, even though they dont think so themselves. Peytons are normally shy when you first meet her, but as you get to know her, you'll realize that she's incredibly funny and goofy. Some may think Peyton's are annoying or awkward, but Peytons are much more. They are loyal, trustworthy, and sassy as hell. Don't get a Peyton angry, because her eye rolls and snappy comebacks can startle even the toughest people. Peyton's are also incredibly sexy; they are skinny but toned, and have subtle curves that guys love. They are liked by a lot of guys, but Peyton's are oblivious to most romantic advances so they haven't dated many guys. They seem like goody-two-shoes, but in reality, they can do bad stuff, especially with someone they love or are falling for. Peyton's are also incredibly tough despite their tall and lean appearance. Is you meet a Peyton in your lifetime, you should try to stay as close to her as possible before she is gone. Peyton's are chill with a lot of things, and don't get pissed off very easily. But, when they do, watch your back, because Peyton's are not afraid to get revenge.
Girl- OMG that girl is so awesome and nice she must be a Peyton!
Boy- yeah damn she's hot I might ask her out
by JOHNCENAAAAAAA October 23, 2015
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Male Definition:
An amazingly hot man with beautiful hair. Most people see him as awkward but when you really get to know him he is hilarious, but he is quiet funny not annoying funny. You could never get tired of this awesome guy, you could hangout with him 30 times and each date would be different and funny. Peyton can always carry on a conversation if he is interested. Once again he is amazing and if you know a peyton you should certainly check him out.
Morgan "Ooh is that Peyton"
Blakely "Yaaas"
Morgan "Im going the get his number"
Blakely "You go girl"
by thatmorganbchick November 17, 2014
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Peyton's are usually girls who seem quite annoying at first, but as you get to know her she becomes more fun. Peyton usually is very loud and boisterous, flamboyant and fun-loving. She is secretly very self conscious but hides it well. She tends to get quiet when she's upset, but is extremely loud when she's in a good mood. Try to get on her good side and try to be nice to her and she'll be nice back. Just be nice, okay?
Peyton? She loud, but i love her.
by star 💫 April 11, 2017
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Sweet, caring guy that makes you want to drop everything to talk to. Awkward at times, but that's what makes him adorable.
Peyton Kime is a stallion
by DTF69 December 23, 2013
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A beautiful girl, one who is down to earth and naturally pretty and comfortable being herself, who doesn't try to impress anyone but just acts as herself, never being a fake. She doesn't date a lot of guys, but not because she can't get them. Has a lot of friends, but keeps ties to close ones.
Peyton is like, everyone's friend.
by AbercrombieGurlllllllll December 28, 2010
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