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It is an acronym that stands for 'This Is Feffing Awesome!'
The saying is from Macklemore's song, Thrift Shop (feat. Wanz).
by TheDukeMayo April 05, 2013
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A fine, upstanding young virgin woman from Final Fantasy 7 who, unfortunately, has become the obsession of many perverted hentai artists, and has the most (fabricated) nudie pictures of any anime-based character
"I have about 2.34 gigs of Tifa hentai"
"MUTHA!!!!!!"*shots fired*
by Sarge October 22, 2003
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One of the heroines in the smash RPG hit, Final Fantasy VII. During the game, Tifa was a barmaid at the 7th Heaven, and had an unrequitted crush on the game's hero, Cloud. Her best friend during the game was the main heroine, Aeris. She fights with her fists and is a well-trained martial artist. Tifa also appears in Square-Enix's new computer-animated sequel, Final Fantasy II: Advent Children.
by Chika July 20, 2005
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A person who keeps getting sexually comments about her. Yeah you damn fan boys.
Tifa: Can you damn perverts stop talking bout me? I mean you're always masturbating about me now go get a mother hell of a girlfreind and leave me alone

Fanboy: Noooo you're so hot

Tifa: go get a life and stop drooling at me
by Aerish November 07, 2004
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One of the main heroines and most intricately detailed characters to one of the best RPG games of all time, Final Fantasy 7.
I'm sick of these perverted definitions and examples for Tifa you sexually deprived nerds.
by Tifa September 08, 2003
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Tifa is strong and posseses no fear, so don't be fooled by her beauty
by d'fo May 27, 2004
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One of the main characters from the FF7 game. First met in Sector 7, is the second character to be met after Barret. At one point in the game, the character Tifa becomes the main playable character, until Cloud is able to become leader again.

Often deemed 'slutty' by immature teenagers (and shockingly adults) because of her large breasts and short skirts, Tifa suffers quite a lot of abuse at the hands of FF7 fans, as well as praise by other fans.
"Whenever I'm in trouble, my hero will come and rescue me. I want to at least experience that once." ~ Tifa, first meeting.
by Dixie-N July 17, 2005
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