A man who is sexy, yet intimidating like a bear.
The sexiest man on earth is described as Barret.

Like, oh-em-gee! Look at that guy! SO Barret.
by TheDuhGuy February 4, 2010
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A main character from FF7, one of Cloud's closest friends from the terrorist group Avalanche.

Barret has a gun on one arm which he uses to shoot his enemies.
Barret just shot Sephiroth to death.
by flexyy February 20, 2005
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Working endlessly on a really difficult literature assignment. The word came from Ms. Barrett, an intimidating and yet loving literature teacher.
Non-Barretter: "Hey wanna go out for movies tonight?"
Barretter: "Nah, about 3 more hours of barretting to go, on the writings of Emerson."

Non-Barretter: "I read books to entertain myself."
Barretter: "I read books to find the Truth."
by Guy from SF August 8, 2011
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Long in the face, thin in the hair, generally a sleepy creature. Its territory is the couch. It subsists on fast food, cigarettes, and booze. Very hard to arouse. Seldom spends energy on anything other than using a lighter and the thumb and index finger to open cans. Everyone has someone like this in their life. The Barret only mates once every three years for a solid fifteen seconds.
The Silver Crested Barreticus Lazicus. Found in the piedmont region of North Carolina. One can spot this elusive creature among Papa Lou's buffalo tenders boxes and Marlboro Light boxes. CAUTION: Do Not Attempt to Move The Barret from The Couch.

The Barret can also be used as a verb and adjective.

Example: Stop Barreting around so much, you are depressing me.

The sky is very The Barret today, look how dark and gloomy it is.
by John K Eaton November 16, 2006
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Character in Final Fantasy 7. Known to curse a lot, using the word "shit" more often than any other game at the time it came out.
Barret says stuff like "Shit man!", usually in a humorous way.
by phil654 September 3, 2006
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A character in the video game Final Fantasy VII. He's a big angry black man with a machine-gun where his right forearm should be. Has limbs bigger than most people's bodies. Likes to swear a lot. Play the game to find out more.
Dude, you better not piss off Barret or you could get the shit beaten out of you.
by BLARG man October 9, 2004
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To evade, shirk, avoid, flee or hide from a potentially beneficial obligation in favor of using drugs or alcohol.

(Derived from Barret Robbins' no show at the 2003 Super Bowl, when he took off to Tijuana the night before)
Mike Barret Robbinsed his date with Michelle to go watch the football game at a bar.

Jim Barret Robbinsed his job interview to go tailgating with his friends at the game.
by Adam F. and Niyosha V. January 22, 2009
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