Final Fantasy 7. Best rpg ever made. Best story, best gameplay and best everything. FF7 is the best.
"If you think FF7 is the best, you are the best, even if you think Cloud is better then Sephiroth, when he isn't."
by ManaBlueLovers March 24, 2008
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The effect that happens when the particularly obnoxious fanbase of a video game lowers your opinion of the game itself. It is important to remember that a horrible fanbase does not necessarily make a bad game.
"I don't know man, I'm seriously getting sick of hearing about Skyrim. Do I even want to bother with a game that only meme-spewing idiots seem to enjoy?"

"Don't bash the game itself until you play it- you're getting the FF7 effect, dude."
by The Taxmaster January 17, 2013
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