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A plastic doll, apprx. 11 1/2 inches in height, manufactured by Mattel since 1959, where she was introduced at the American Toy Fair at NYC. Barbie, a rather well endowed female, is known to have been an astronaut, a lawyer, veterinarian, model, and much more-and recently-a mom. Fact of the matter is, so many weirdos are obsessed with Barbie that they tend to attempt to obtain her figure and looks, which is completely impossible, as Barbie is a fictional character. Barbie also owns many dollhouses and convertibles in her name. If it were not for real people out there, she'd quite possibly be the most successful creature out there.
Barbie is blond, has a pink convertible, a pink house, and a number of sisters. Her boyfriend/husband/whatever you'd like to call him is named Ken. Yup...
by Tifa November 25, 2003

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Hermione is Harry Potter's and Ron Weasley's best friend in the Harry Potter book and movie series. She is incredibly intelligent and a remarkable student. Sometimes bossy and a Goody-Two-Shoes...She's also only a FICTIONAL character so some of these lame defintions are retarded...Only people with no lives obssess about how she "annoys" them...weirdos...
"Hermione got all A's in her classes at Hogwarts."
by Tifa September 28, 2003

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One of the main heroines and most intricately detailed characters to one of the best RPG games of all time, Final Fantasy 7.
I'm sick of these perverted definitions and examples for Tifa you sexually deprived nerds.
by Tifa September 08, 2003

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A word that describe's one's in abilities to correctly pronunciate/type "oh my god boobies" due to one's flabbergasted reaction to a pair of truly nice boobies
These pics are really pretty, but there's this one that's my favorite... oh, here it comes... wait for it... zomigboobies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Tifa May 17, 2006

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Term used by Stevo from Sum41 when showing off his Iron Maiden box collection at his house on the Stevo's Crib MTV Cribs special.
"Every bear's got a name, Each bear's got a story..."
by Tifa September 19, 2003

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A really shallow fighting game, which, up until the previous parts of the series were released, was actually good. However, we find that there are some sad, sad male gamers, for reasons mentioned above, that toss off to this pathetic excuse for a game, due to the fact that it now mainly includes extremely large breasted women. Other than that-Dead of Alive IS an awesome band and if you DO think otherwise...well then you're a dipshit, case closed.
"You spin me right round, baby right round, like a record baby right round round"
Yeah! ^_~
by Tifa November 26, 2003

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