12 definitions by otaku killer

The animation otaku failed his English midterm exam as a result of watching anime all night instead of studying.
by otaku killer October 25, 2003
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Plural for fanboy. People who are obsessed with one thing and try to model their lives around that one thing. Examples are furries, anime fanatics, and Megatokyo readers.
Wapanese are examples of fanboys.
by otaku killer October 9, 2003
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A non-Japanese person who has an unhealthy obsession with anime or manga. See zealot, Wapanese, fanboy.
by otaku killer June 23, 2003
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Anime pictures and films of naked women and naked women engaging in explicit hardcore sex in basically every orifice. What the Wapanese and the otaku have a fetish for because they can't score with a real life woman.
Wapanese typically sit around in their filthy apartments masturbating to internet hentai.
by otaku killer May 13, 2003
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A type of Japanese poetry composed of three unrhyming lines, Most likely used by the Wapanese or otaku when they aren't fighting over which episode of Hamtaro was the best.
Cosplay show in town,
Man dressed up as Sailor Moon,
Let's all point and laugh.
by otaku killer May 12, 2003
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Japanese for cat. This word has been overused by the Wapanese and the fanboys to describe a girl they tried to date, who unfortunately rejected them because all they ever talk about are their favorite episodes of Dragonball Z or Hamtaro.
Wapanese: Konichiwa, baby, you look sooo neko neko kawaii that I want your phone number.
Girl: Fuck off, creep! I've got a can of Mace, and I'm not afraid to use it.
by otaku killer August 27, 2003
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A symbol for happiness or joy. Derived from the cliched way that anime characters are drawn when they are happy. A favorite symbol of the Wapanese, fanboy, or otaku.
Wapanese: hai i saw an uberr l337 trigun hentai site and i saww kawaii piczz of the babezz ^_^.
by otaku killer June 14, 2003
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