15 definitions by d'fo

A choral choir who sang the hit song " There's no one quite like Grandma" back in 1980, it stayed at number one in the uK for like two weeks
there's no quite like grandma is a funny song
by d'fo March 27, 2004
A book by Upton Sinclair, depicting the horrors of the American Meatpacking Industry during the late 19th century.
The Jungle was a very controversal book, that the president himself took action to regulate the way food is processed in America
by d'fo March 25, 2004
Probably the most funniest song out there made by Budweiser, and even though it's only like a minute long, it's still worth listening to
by d'fo April 2, 2004
Hitlers Birfday if he was still alive and also National Weed Day
"Oh Dayum it's 420 gotts celebrate Hitler's Birfday while lighting up the doobie"
by d'fo April 20, 2004
The erectile penis a man get when he wakes up, can be also known as morning wood.
I always wake up every day with a morning missile
by d'fo February 25, 2004
IF ya didn't notice guys, boxcar racer is an offspring of Blink, thats why they sound so similar, if you say boxcar racer sucks, then your saying Blink182 sucks.
by d'fo March 22, 2004
The 7 year old (dog years) family dog in the show Family Guy. Altough he is the family pet, he is the only one who actually has a sense of class in the family, but he often known for drinkng lots of martinis and getting drunk. He had a crush on Lois, but that was cleared when they talked it over.
Brian Griffin is one classy character
by d'fo March 29, 2004