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the 16 year old daughter of Peter and Lois Griffin, she is the eldest of the children and often finds herself trying to fit in with the norms of the social society and is frequently embarressed by her family. She is often known for wearing a beanie cap.
Even though Meg Griffin is bit on the chubby side she has s nice set of tits

* Meg Grffin was originally voiced by Lacey Chabert, but she was never credited for the role, it wasn't until season 2 when Mila kunis did her voice, that we found out who played Meg
by d'fo March 28, 2004
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The 40 year old wife of Peter Griffin from Family guy. She is a stay at home who also teaches piano lessons. she is often the target of death of the youngest member of the family Stewie Griffin. She aslo has two more children Chris Griffin and Meg Griffin.
for a 40 year old Lois Griffin has one fine ass body
by d'fo March 28, 2004
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The erectile penis a man get when he wakes up, can be also known as morning wood.
I always wake up every day with a morning missile
by d'fo February 25, 2004
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Probably the most funniest song out there made by Budweiser, and even though it's only like a minute long, it's still worth listening to
by d'fo April 02, 2004
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The drug of choice when you are feeling depressed
I love elocin, it also leaves a great after taste.
by d'fo April 15, 2004
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don't get annoyed by the litle things in life
Boozer: Yo man I just lost two bucks gambling

Me: Hey, don't sweat the small stuff man, it's only two dollars.
by d'fo March 24, 2004
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Tifa is strong and posseses no fear, so don't be fooled by her beauty
by d'fo May 27, 2004
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