To touch yourself or someone else in a way that could be deemed innapropriate sexually.
"Watch out for that Neil bloke he's a bit of a cock feffing rapist!"

"His hand were in his pockets and he was clearly feffing himself."
by Boneyemski September 30, 2009
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Can also be used as Feff meaning Fuck, or Feffer meaning Fucker.

- Originated from Effing
Ashley's a Feffing fag!
Stop being such a Feffer!
by Shalinet February 21, 2008
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Curligion that has taken out christians in battle several times.

Founded by a homeless chicken nugget
Fef is awesome
by Heier September 28, 2018
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Created after BTS member Jin tweeted "kekeke" in Hangul. A few confused souls thought it was a backwards F and tweeted F F F F F F instead. FEFing is the action of using F F F F and "FEF" is equivalent to "lol".
"fef that was so funny"
by jjk1 is coming May 17, 2020
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To be so utterly and totally wasted that it is impossible to converse properly using a keyboard or mobile phone.
Can also carry over into an inability to verbalise in a coherent way.

"Dave, what the hell were you posting last night - it didn't make any sense?"
"I was posting? Damn, I was so feffed."
by Sokolsky July 02, 2007
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FEF is a word/number/letter that is used when you don’t know what word or number you’re trying to come up with. It’s used in the Smosh Live: Hangman sketch.

It’s also a letter in the Redneck alphabet.
Guy: So how do you spell atrocious again?
Guy 2: Uh A-T-R-...fef?
Guy: What?
by MariatheWaylien August 09, 2018
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fef ist ein Synonym für "lol".
Mein Sparschäler liegt immer noch auf dem Schulgrill, fef.
by Moonly April 30, 2021
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