All THHS needs is a front gate built of corpses with the words carved into it: "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter Here."
by bringer_of_truth March 21, 2005
The Hebrew Hammer, one of the funniest movies ever if you are jewish or if you find jewish steriotypes funny. also see Hebrew Hammer
by Nick Larkey April 17, 2005
Acronym. Tired, hungry, and horny.

The feeling of being done and knackered and needing some serious TLC.... in all departments.
Dude, I need a weekend, I am so THH.
by Nototerror November 29, 2018
An annoying sigh sound made by mothers to imply "I disapprove, but I won't say anything."
My mom loved to go "Thh..." when she was disappointed in my decisions.
by Downvoting Victim June 23, 2020
People who just might be related to Nazis, if not the reincarnation of each and everyone one of them.

If it weren't for these terrible people, Trabuco Hills High School would be a much happier, more productive learning environment.

Most ride golf carts, have an obvious God-complex, and get some sort of sexual thrill from torturing the children they've been given power over.

But, most of all, their favorite form of torture is putting these children though verbal abuse for "crimes", never spoken of until the day the staff claimed they were commited.

A word to the wise: You are no longer allowed to leave the THHS locker rooms after PE class until the bell rings, even if you're fully dressed. You will be punished without a previous warning.
I'm sorry, my friend. I wanted to hang out with you, but the THHS staff were busy beating me with chains for talking on the phone with my mother, who was delivering me news of my grandmother's death.
by Jackson Twenty February 14, 2008
Trabuco Hills High School Anorexic Skank Brigade.

Commonly masquerades as an Associated Student Body - this, however, is a lie intended to lull the populace into a false sense of security preceding their violent take over of all of North America.

A group of people (term used loosely - some are demonic manifestations) hell-bent on torturing and persecuting the innocent subjects of its parent institution, typically employing loud yelling, irritating snack rallies, excessively loud and shitty music, offensive quantities of smiling, megaphones, balloons, excessive happiness, satanic rituals, etc.

They are likely to hunt down and survey specific innocent people when 2732 other people of equal surveyability are present immediately nearby.

Unlike other forms of pure evil, creatures of the THHS ASB cannot be warded off with holy symbols unless said symbols double as heavy bludgeoning devices. However, resistance is futile and all but the most awesome will be assimilated anyway.
Bob: Ahh! Help! The THHS ASB is coming! Run for your lives or you will be eaten-AAAAARGHHH! *choke gasp bleed gurgle die*

Joe: Holy shit! They ate Bob! Nooo! *is eviscerated on the spot*

Steve: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH! THE PAIN! THE PAIN! *is also eviscerated on the spot*

Humberto: Man, being eaten alive by the THHS ASB sucks almost as much as my name! AIIEEE! *is digested*

Jessica: Look at me, look at me, I'm blond, blue-eyed, a cheerleader, and popular! Look at me! ASB is great! *is tackled and knocked unconscious by a person that does not suck for being a THHS ASB supporter*

Captain: What happen!

George: Noooo! They're still coming! *has his extremities plucked off one by one by the THHS ASB while rusty nails are shoved down his throat by high THHS ASB officials* ARRGHAGHgrrrg *gurgle die*

The World: OH NOES!!1111one! Teh THHS ASB!!

And Australia was like: WTF mate?
by bringer_of_truth March 21, 2005