Usually an over exaggerated comment from people who have a bad day or just see something really fucked up.
Example 1: Bob: "Hey Billy, hows your day today?"

Billy: "It sucks Bob, it's like Hell on Earth."

Example 2: Danny: "What is that shit?"

Gordon: "I don't know, but it looks like Hell on Earth."
by Jimmy Rooster June 24, 2018
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Buc-ee's is the literal definition of Hell on Earth.

Bucc-ee's is way too crowded with people, it's loud, it's obnoxious, and the whole place reeks of a strange odor that will linger in your nose and stick to your clothes. Their food is disgusting, and the prices are ridiculously high. Never set foot inside a Bucc-ee's. It is fucking Hell on Earth.
"My husband dragged me to Hell on Earth today."

"You mean Bucc-ee's? My condolences."
by HildaSimp June 6, 2022
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hell on earth is usually exaggeration for something that isn't going well except when used for south Sudan
Sam"south sudan is literally hell on earth"
by leben man May 7, 2023
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Fort Bragg NC and surrounding area for those who so carelessly volunteered to jump out of planes and ended up in fayetnam it's definitely hell on earth and the worst existence.
"The army wasn't so bad then I ended up in the 82nd abn Fort Bragg NC this place is hell on earth"
by CSM Love October 20, 2013
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Every 6 minutes some one dies of COViD in LA
Every 10 seconds some one gets contaminated by COVID
I will not be traveling to CA because of HELL on LA earth.
by Never cross a Sheila January 14, 2021
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