A word to say to someone who you first meet. Your also trying to be nice and friendly, but your just actually toxic as hell and your gonna make them go to depressed as everyone else that you did.
me: hi how are you
???: hi! im ok :)
me: didnt you read the urban dictionary?
???: oh no..
by im smart as ashley February 17, 2021
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Can be a nice thing to say if you say it to a friend or a loved one, but inappropriate if you say in response to a police officer that asks you how high are you?
Police officer: How high are you?
Some random idiot: No officer, you're wrong! It's Hi, how are you?
by PhoenixGamer34 April 21, 2021
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Like if your doing good, dislike if your not doing so well
Hi, how are you today boss. Good Jimmy.
by JéŝùśCĥŕïŝt April 15, 2021
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