Humberto is a portuguese and spanish masculine given name of germanic origin. In german the meaning of the name is Big; bright. In other Terms: One hot mutha fucker. Likes hot aggressive girls that know how to ride serious dick. Dominant and leader Psychotic in bed, thats why they named a hurricane after him. Loyal and faithful when it comes to love. Bipolar at times. Lovie dovie and passionately loves to love and flirt alot. Super Romantic when in a relationship and stubborn sometimes.
Damn that dude is Humberto, ain't he? That guy is fuckin crazy and fine.
by Super seductive December 20, 2016
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A name for anyone who is inherently awesome . Humbertos are known to be trustworthy and noble. They are full of courage and stamina . Humbertos are chivalrous and kind.
Woman : Ahhh that man stole my purse ?

Humberto: I'll get him!
Woman: Why,Humberto,you saved the day!
by i<3humbertoes January 19, 2012
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Humberto is my best friend and will always be my best friend. Humberto is definitely the most unique and incredible person in this world. He has the biggest heart and no one can deny his extraordinary and hilarious personality. He has a way with making people feel so special. He's truly beautiful inside and out but not in a cocky way at all. Granted, he makes a lot of mistakes, mistakes that could be completely avoided, but he handles them with such grace and learns from them quickly. His strength shines through everyday and its extremely hard to block him out of your life once he's in it. Humberto is just Humberto. You have to love him, or love him.
Humberto is my best friend
by Hottest man aka humberto January 8, 2020
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Responsible motherfuckers and particularly serious, they expect to work on what they want in life and they do not appreciate the frivolity, laziness or the inconstancy of other people. They have a strong sense of duty and they need to be productive. They are very capable in practical work. Great friends and passionate lovers, they always are available to help you. They are usually good looking and they have a long penis.
-Hey, i want to know the coolest dude ever!
-You have to meet Humberto.
by Bachelor95 January 11, 2017
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A virgin dick ; a cunt.

A guy who has wooden teeth, a suspect hairline, and a bad habit of of snitching.
Another word for a rat.

People named Humberto Tamayo are usually inbred greasy sleazebags , they are often known to be quite effeminate and flamboyant, while at the same having a serious porn addiction.
Dude!Don't be such an Humberto Tamayo(cunt).

In my hood Humberto Tamayos get killed.

Look at that guy's face, it's so deformed.
-yea poor guy, his name is probably Humberto Tamayo.

Humberto Tamayo should not be trusted.
by NaziHunter69 February 25, 2020
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Should we invite Humberto? No he’ll just play fortnite
by Tocoolfoeyou March 10, 2018
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Humberto is very kind. He's very romantic but no one appreciates him for that, or anything else. He's also a good friend and has your back for anything.
Humberto gets rejected by girls left and right.
by Elgoat69 February 7, 2022
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