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One who portrays themselves as a proud, abnoxious individual whom tries to reason and state his-her religious beliefs and teachings with his or her peers/suboordinates for many reasons,As a result the suboordinates interest in the matter is tarnished and their view of said individual is one of douchebaggery. This individual has been proven to clearly have overproductive persperation glands even in the coolest of room temperatures. However, it is yet to be discovered whether or not this is due to natural circumstances or due to an apprehensive perception of the surrounding peer group .With this in mind, this person has the tendency to feel constrained and may possibly find relief in constantly toying with objects, whether digital/technological or small simple objects with elastic properties. When in times of stress, he/she becomse frustrated and starts yelling like a tyranical baboon. Many refer to this individual as king downy.


interactions with this individual may result in neglect and comments being overlooked/disregarded . Do not be fooled by the witchcraft and wizardry of words and wisdom taken from confucius fortune cookies.
suboordinate: " are we actually gonna do something today charly"
THE charlY: " excuse me ( uses big words and tries to sound superior) "
suboordinates: LOL
by Jacob know it all May 24, 2010
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The most badass band of all time. The trio heils out of Saskatchewan and remain curiously satisfied with their cult following consisting of crazed schoolgirls and the bourgeois, among many others.

Their 2006 single "Mindset" skyrocketed them to instant prairie success. They would be forever remembered as Trail Blazers and an inspiration to aspiring musicians worldwide.
"Man, did you hear that new shit from The Charlies? That shit is HOT!"
by UncleCharlie January 22, 2007
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