If you can find a Charlie, you won't want to loose her. She is the most loyal, friendly and just all round amazing. On your darkest days she will make them shine so bright you will be blinded. When she walks into to a room she radiates. No one can ever hate her, she is just too damn nice. She is absolutely stunning and you can't take your eyes off her. She loves and cares for each and every single person that she meets. The first time you meet her you will not be able to let go of her. She has the most beautiful eyes and smile in the world, and she is the best person to hug in the world. Keep her close to you heart and never loose her. Love her, and take a bullet for her.
"wow she has the best smile, she must be a Charli"
by fbruiewjk May 2, 2018
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Charli is the most amazing person to exist she is so pretty and is amazing. She is a keeper and is usually short she is funny,sweet,kind and she sticks to being a supporter.She is so thoughtful and caring and gets bad things that she doesn’t deserve.If you find a Charli stick with her.
by koopatroopapoopa May 25, 2022
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A girl that is very fun to hang with, beatiful in the in and out , funn and funnnyy, loves too hang withh Deeeem , boyss (: hahahaa. and alot to handleee, but you gotttta lovee herr (:
i love hangin with charli girl(:
by Blahh . March 31, 2010
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Charli is a queen, she is very nice, and very beautiful! If you ever meet a Charli, you'd want to keep her forever, she can be a quiet average girl at times, but a total crackhead at others! Charli is definitely a good friend. Don't break her heart or she will go full baddie on you, and I'm talking dying her hair, changing her attitude, sometimes even wearing different clothes.
person 1: I heard there is a new girl at school!
person 2: yea! I heard her name is Charli
person 1: I heard you aren't supposed to mess with a Charli!
person 2: Sure aren't!
by TikTok_Dancer_girlie January 14, 2021
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Charli’s are the most trustworthy and loyal people you’ll ever meet. Although they deny it, they are breathtaking. Charli will make you smile in your darkest of days and will be a shoulder to cry on when you need it.

If you have a best friend such as Charli, keep her. You’ll never meet a greater person than her.

And if you are a Charli, understand the true beauty within you. although you may not see it, you’re beauty compliments your amazing personality. You’re stronger than you believe.
by happybdaybish October 23, 2018
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The first TikTok star to blow up so much so it becomes a bit of a meme. This massive gain of clout is recognised by the app users.

To charli is to blow up hugely
1. I really want to be charlied on tiktok so that I can have an add with EOS.

2. Those girls are just hating because you have charlied

3. M8... Did you see Alex French’s charli at the weekend!!
by countrypancakebitchez December 3, 2019
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A sweetheart in all everyone loves and needs her!!
Charli is energetic and funny from personal experiences
by Yesterday was the November 8, 2020
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