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A girl who is caring. She's very sarcastic but is super fun to be around and very funny. She loves to help people out with their problems but sometimes doesn't work out her own. She has many flaws but her flaws make her beautiful. Music is one of the most important things in her life. She can't live with out it. When she loves you, it's the best feeling in the world. She is amazing and very beautiful.
by lovestheanswer7 October 21, 2011
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If you can find a Charlie, you won't want to loose her. She is the most loyal, friendly and just all round amazing. On your darkest days she will make them shine so bright you will be blinded. When she walks into to a room she radiates. No one can ever hate her, she is just too damn nice. She is absolutely stunning and you can't take your eyes off her. She loves and cares for each and every single person that she meets. The first time you meet her you will not be able to let go of her. She has the most beautiful eyes and smile in the world, and she is the best person to hug in the world. Keep her close to you heart and never loose her. Love her, and take a bullet for her.
"wow she has the best smile, she must be a Charli"
by fbruiewjk June 01, 2018
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she is hot, cute, pretty, and everything else in between ! she is driven with ambition and is drawn to guys who are funny and sweet! she loves music more than anything and loves some romance. she is one great gal who loves to be apart of things! she has many flaws but that is what is cute about her! she loves attention and compliments but is humble and does not think much of herself. she is though very sensitive. a breakup with someone she cared ab could haunt her for months but doesn’t let her take advantage this girl is charli a great lovely girl who is loyal and if she likes you don’t let go of her or you will deeply regret it
#charli #charly #charlie
by charli_468 May 01, 2018
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A girl that is very fun to hang with, beatiful in the in and out , funn and funnnyy, loves too hang withh Deeeem , boyss (: hahahaa. and alot to handleee, but you gotttta lovee herr (:
i love hangin with charli girl(:
by Blahh . March 30, 2010
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"Charlie" Chicago slang, meaning buddy, or pal.
Damn charlie, where you been?
by Tique da U.L. February 08, 2005
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Strong , not the one to mess with , Loves a challenge ..
likes the trill of the chase more than the actual prize itself ..
Very smart .. intellectually .. and street smart too ..
Also has a very strong physical and passionate attraction to guys with the name kevin..
Look at charli and kevin, they are so perfect together.

Charli is going to beat that girl up, yeah dont mess with her.
by Charli gurlie February 19, 2008
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