1 definition by charmie stan

A truly unique human being. His friends are truly lucky to know him. He may tend to believe he doesn’t have many true friends, but little does he know how many people admire, care for, and think about him. He is loved by many, although he may not believe it. He is caring, compassionate, understanding, and one of the most selfless kinds of people to walk the earth. You would be lucky to know Charlie, and if you are privileged enough to be able to, you will thank your lucky stars ever single day. He has a strange affiliation to waffles, and is endearingly funny. He is charming, gentle, and kind. If there were more Charlie’s in the world, it would truly be a much lovelier place. Charlie is the jewel of the earth.
“I’d sell an arm and a leg and also probably a kidney just to live another lifetime with Charlie.”

“You know Charlie? I wish I was so lucky.”
by charmie stan July 15, 2021
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